Ivanka Trump’s Tokyo speech on sexual harassment, empowering women

Ahead of President Trump’s journey to Asia, Ivanka Trump delivered remarks on the World Assembly for Women Summit in Tokyo. She addressed the necessity to empower women, spoke out in opposition to sexual harassment and burdened the significance of household care.

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  1. Rohit Eligeti says

    Enough of women empowerment you bitch! You're turning every innocent women into feminazis with your western culture garbage!

  2. WhatWas ThatNoise? says

    Fuck you ivanka, you're a liberal piece of shit. And don't belong in the White House.

  3. Fig Jam says

    lol the place was empty only people up front lmmfao

  4. Ted S says

    Is she talking about her father??? She's talking about sexual harassment, she must be..

  5. Elvin Ostrup says

    She's just asking for it, wearing a skirt like that.

  6. Leon Smith says

    Japanese men go crazy over blondes, they are probably building a shrine for her right now.

  7. nia long says

    her dad is the sexual harassment chairman. He has a slogan and everything. Grab Them By The Pussy Again!

  8. anthony lloyd says

    I am sorry but if you need a speech to be 'empowered' then you have major issues!

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