“IT” Tim Curry VS Bill Skarsgård As Pennywise Best Dialogue Comparison 1990 vs 2017

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    tim curry is much better. his voice is much better. the clown makeup is better. no comparison.

  2. Riley Kulik says

    Why in 2017 they had pennywise have bunny teeth just why

  3. Conor Tague says

    In my opinion, Bill Skarsgård was way better than Tim Curry.

  4. Baloon Laughs says

    Pennywise: Hiya, GeorgieWhat Georgie Should've said: HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME

  5. Boboexplosion says

    In the sewer scene I like Tim Curry a lot more because he manages pretending to be a nice and funny clown until he lures Georgie into stretching his arm down the sewer…. I would never believe someone would put his arm down the sewer when skarsgard with his psycho stare/talk would be in there

  6. Melon Boi says

    Tim made pennywise memorable, while bill made him seem gay. I prefer Tim because he made pennywise better, while in 2017 the only thing that makes him scary is the visual effects and jumpscares. If anything, 2017 was barely creepy but it was a great movie

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