Is a new Cold War with China brewing?

China continues to construct up its navy pressure in response to the administration’s America First coverage; Jennifer Griffin stories for ‘Special Report.’

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  1. Marks Mark's says

    Cold war with China god I hope so there shit breaks with in days of buying it..

  2. Mai Pham says

    China military is big. But they're not willing to scarify themselves. One die, million will give up and go home to their parents. China never taste tomahawk. If their have taste tomahawk just like in Syria did last year. They piss their pans….

  3. The Shadow Man says

    US really has a death wish looking for a fight with Russia and China at the same time

  4. USA Patriot says

    How about we cut trades with China. China can't be trusted they go behind our backs everything they do shows they're not loyal so let's stop trading with countries that don't respect America wake up Americans our government or Media our all fucking dumb .

  5. S Richbell says

    This has been Chinas plan all alone.
    We need to kick them out of the World Trade Organization

  6. rosie her says

    China is NOT providing aid to Africa but LOANS. Loans that cannot be paid back and taking over their land and freedom rights.

  7. monkeygraborange says

    There's nothing I'd like more than to stop seeing tens of thousands of disgusting Chinese tourists every single day, swarming the streets and buying everything in sight.

  8. Günther Lehmann says

    Trump should read the real "Art of the Deal" It is Art of War from a genuines call Sun Tzu. Works in economics as good as in war. Trump international policy creates over and over space where other players jump in. Russia, China, Iran and even the European Union. Today the highest diplomats of the EU are in Havana/Cuba for talks about a trade deal between the EU and Cuba.. Also on the enemy list of president Trump. If Trump want to win in 2020, he will need Florida and many Cubans are pissed off of his policy. China and the EU make there great business and the USA plays lame duck

  9. Sydney waffles says

    Not one that the U.S. could win. Right now all the news outlets in Europe Asia and the Middle East, and governmentally in Russia verbally are portraying Donald Trump, as fickle. Not somebody you can do business with or depend on. Foreign affairs is a deadly minefield for politicians it always has been.

  10. Panda Fish says

    Lol this is just like what happened in 1980's Japan, their economy will eventually fall because its based on child labor, and near slavery like work. China will never match America in power EVER.

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