Iranian protestors thank Trump, America for their support

Activists danger their lives to carry freedom to Iran.

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  1. Chavo the Spicy Jalapeno says

    How can this be?? President Trump is a racist!!! He despises Shitholes. He hates Camel Turds. He is the biggest Hitler since Hitler was Hitler. The Left are Morons

  2. Diane Merwin says

    Let's Make A Deal… If Persians want to bring Glory back to its People, They NEED to urgently rise-up and fight for It. Otherwise, The Bomb. 💣💣💣

  3. Curtis Childers says

    The Iranian mullahs turned a beautiful country into a shithole.
    Hopefully the people kick out the clerics, and make their people free.

  4. betterdays when says

    Oh oh the left isn't going to like this I wonder what lies they will tell to twist this great news to try & make Trump look like the bad guy.

  5. Deborah says

    The same damn riot's we had here. Paid actors to stir people up. If you believe Iranian women are taking off their hijab's and burka's you're a fool.
    The Federal Reserve has been running the show for 85 years when America went into bankruptcy in 1933. Our country has been used as a war machine for these European banksters for far too long.

  6. LiberalTears AreDrowningMe says

    If these muslims overthrow their government, it's an absolute guarantee that the next one will be as bad, if not worse. The problem is the people and their culture (religion/ political ideology

  7. POP ZY says

    Show this to the lying mainstream media!

  8. Umme Moosa says

    Nice illusion Fox news, show some vague images that neither shows nor proves anything, trying to make people believe something that's not happening, but keep coming up with these illusions, they are entertaining along with your terrorist mojaheddin buddies.

  9. gg g says

    This may have happened about ten days ago but now it is all quiet , seems they say but whom to believe due lack of information from iran

  10. Jack The Giant Killer says

    If the Iranian people need to use force to topple the tyrannical regime, they will need guns. Lots of guns.

  11. Toronto Man says

    fake news another jews funding terriost like they did with saddam and libya

  12. Paola Magaña says

    I don't believe any of these lies from fox news. Everything is a lie to change the public opinion. Just like fox news did when bush took actions against the middle countries. We had several wars, all of them because of the media lies.

  13. Phd Craven Moorehead says

    More piles of hot steaming horse 🐴 shit for you trough slurping, mainstream media propaganda machine lovers .

  14. Charzey says

    Democrats would rather all these people die than admit trump is right.

  15. Sci Fi Guy says

    please let the Iranian people come to America and Iran can have the shit-hole Demotards who lost badly in last election to man with zero political experience and only 10% media power lol bwhahahahaha so poetic!

  16. wasfia levin says

    don't forget about venezuela they are in much worse condition than iran, they been protesting for 1 year and UN and countries in the world don't care about them!….they want freedom too….trump should have called out venezuela as well!

  17. Joyce S. says

    Iranians…you can do it!
    God bless you and keep you safe!
    No fear! Win!

  18. P J says

    Wow! Not seeing this video on lib media. They must stand with the corrupt regime. Good work Fox News.

  19. Kit Kat1 says

    Isn’t that something, the last administration hurt the world.. Voting democrats out will save the world!

  20. Glen Hesketh says

    At least they are protesting and not running away.Keep up the good fight.

  21. Alien says

    You go, Iranian protesters, topple the repressive regime,… If this works, It'll be a massive step forward for all mankind, a start in cleaning up the corrupted governments in the middle east and to a far suprior way of life for all of you.

  22. Steve Baish says

    Destroying this theocracy is the only way to give the people a chance of Freedom , Human Rights & Dignity

  23. Ta-mater says

    Pray that God Jehovah will help the Iranian people gain their freedom.. Islam preaches nothing but death!

  24. Tony Carr says

    help them get freedom but NO American's life's get lost in doing it not one

  25. Nix Six says

    Go Trump! But this kinda makes our MSM look like a bunch of shitholes. 😛

  26. Vinmoonsu says

    Today Iraq is a free country, today Afghanistan is a free country, today Libya is a free country, your Isis & al Qaida brought freedom to Syria. Fox news you can take your freedom & shove it up your ( I won't say it)

  27. wasfia levin says

    all lies, u just want another war, they are being paid to protest, yeah, all the sudden they are protesting, please, fk u

  28. Suzie Q says

    I don't believe a thing on TV. I'll ask an Iranian.

  29. Politically Incorrect says

    People risking their lives to have freedom. Much respect to the people of Iran who fight for freedom something every human deserves. Yet in the United States we have left wing traitors trying to overthrow a duly elected and qualified President. The left wing traitors want the United States to loose our freedoms and turn communist. The left wing Democrats are nothing more than Nazis. America has to Hitlers one who's name is Hillary Clinton. The other who's name is Bernie Sanders both are traitors. The people who follow these two Nazi leaders are goose stepping to what ever they're told. The people of Iran who just want a better life for themselves and family's are fighting for something we have already FREEDOM. It is a shame the left can not see what a socialist/communist party really looks like they are fools beyond words.

  30. Roy King says

    We as children of Christ should ask or God to support these people to become a Democratic Republic and participate in the betterment of the world then the evil regime that has manipulated and controlled these people for decades they're tired of it and we should stand up with them God bless them

  31. Time Keeper says

    Many are becoming Christian's in Iran "Jesus brings freedom" .

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