Investigators: Las Vegas gunman fired over 1,100 rounds

Stephen Paddock killed 58 individuals in deadliest mass taking pictures in trendy U.S. historical past.

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  1. My ways of thinking! says

    550 roughly wounded. 58 minus paddock killed. Each person wounded shot at least once. Some multiple times. So we are to believe at that distance with basically full auto's he had about a 55% accuracy rating? Bullshit!!! We are being lied to YET AGAIN!

  2. Corey Miceli says

    We thought we'd get the truth about JFK finally after 50+ years but we still have unreleased docs, and ones that were not supposed to be redacted that are. This is another event we will never get the truth, we'd be foolish to expect it.

  3. Donna Griffith says

    No body believe's this story of one man doing the Las Vegas shooting.( so stop already)

  4. Alex Ahradsen says

    bulldust news with nothing more than what was known already , throwing crumbs at conservatives while ignoring that it was a politically motivated  attack against Trump voting public . FBI are rotten to a man

  5. Andre Corbeil says

    I'm sorry I can't believe any of this bullshit anymore. The blamed killer was a patsy the Deep state government and Obama are behind this killing

  6. Jaho Salami says

    1100 total – 200 in the hallway = 900 outside.

    200 fired in the Hallway. 1 hit. .5% hit ratio. In a hotel hallway. at 20 yards.
    900 fired outside. "600+" hits. at 450 yards. using a bumpstock. with a 66.6% hit ratio?
    Yah…. No.

    Can we see CCTV of paddock alive at any point the week prior yet? Let alone using the service elevator or luggage handlers to carrying 20+ guns up? This happened on a block with the highest density of security cameras IN THE WORLD.

  7. Breit Bart says

    Fake news President dump just confirmed it. All lies spread by Clinto News Network. Fake news just like Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Columbine. #2nd #MAGA

  8. Keep It Real says

    IF so, where were all of the shell casings!!?? Crime scene photos show very little spent rounds!!! What happened to them all!?

  9. UsserError says

    So the team of mercenaries sent by the suadis fired over 1000 rounds before the helicopter evacuated them….. I think that's a low number.

  10. Sky Captain says

    We want answers! Its been over two friken months! WE KNOW what happened. We just want to hear what lies YOU say happened.

  11. Mamma Fawn says

    "HE STOPPED SHOOTING WHEN HE DID" Because he was Offed… 1,100 rounds….where are the pics of the spent shells then??? (Most I've ever seen in his room, is about 50!) BS Cover story!!!!! DEEP STATE!😬

  12. michael clay says

    Hummmmm….so every second shot hit someone? That's odd for "spray and pray" shooting.

  13. Pumpkin says

    This news is a lie. There were multiple shooters.

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