International Herald Tribune: 1918: German Prisoners Are Overfed, Britons Say

LONDON — There is a loud outcry all through England in opposition to the beneficiant rations which might be given to the German battle prisoners in internment camps in Great Britain. This criticism is being accentuated because the meals queues in London lengthen and because the Germans proceed their bombardments of London.

Letters innumerable are written to the newspapers complaining in opposition to the allowances of meals to the Germans, and the Government is nearly ordered by public sentiment to cut back their fare.

A correspondent, writing to the “Daily Express,” says: —

“For breakfast the lucky individuals within the camp have a giant plateful of porridge, tea, bread, margarine, and a part of their weekly ration of 7oz. of jam in the event that they care to attract on it. For dinner they’ve 6oz. of beef or mutton, 10oz. of greens (potatoes and cabbage, cauliflower or different greenstuff in season), bread, and rice, tapioca, or semolina, when cheese isn’t obtainable. They had cheese as much as final week, though only a few individuals exterior the camp might get it. For tea they’ve bread, margarine, jam and tea. They have two meatless days every week, and on these events they’re supplied with 12oz. of salted herring a day.

“The meat provide, we’re advised, is just adequate to permit every British citizen a pound every week; however in apply even this quantity can’t be had. The allowance of the German is almost double, and he will get his provide every day with out effort and with out fear.”

— The New York Herald, European Edition, Jan. 31, 1918

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