“I FELL IN THE TOILET!” – FUNNY KID FAILS – July 2017 | Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Fails Montage

“I fell in the toilet!” – Funny Kid Fails! Funny montage for July 2017. Weekly choice features a child falling into the bathroom, lady dances right into a door body, rollerblading indoors goes mistaken, Nerf arrow to the attention, child falls off of motorcycle,bouncing on the mattress fails, playground swing set slams, slack line fails, little league, outtakes and moments caught on tape.


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  5. Gravy Train says

    child falls 4 centimeters
    parent acts like its the end of the world

  6. Ryan Corinth says

    Anybody else see the "Purple Mattress Protector" advertisement?

  7. Lucy Esparza says

    Idiots need to stop doing piñatas if you don't know how to do it right.

  8. TheOtherGuys2 says

    Thanks for the big red arrow in the thumbnail. I wouldn't have seen the only thing in the picture without it.

  9. Lexington Glenn says

    It's 2017 and people still don't know how to record in landscape mode. Amazing.

  10. Ociwat says


  11. ThugCave says

    fuck those blurry edges, they are 3/4 of the fucking screen… shun those vertical filmers by not using their stuff or come up with something better… say plain black bars instead of this eye cancer blurry shit

  12. Jazzy Anne says

    I'm actually rlly happy that the chicken attacked the kid

  13. bc Ray says

    PS4 GIVEAWAY on my channel! Don't miss out!

  14. Archean says

    4:20 I want to know how they were planning on avoiding the fence.

  15. Queen Fu Fu says

    Those burnt ass pancakes deserve to be in the trash

  16. Pamsy Moua says

    3:41 to 3:57 tho that little girl she's so cute and Funny Lol! She keeps saying,“I'm hiding!" Lol I cant stop laughing!

  17. LifezLife says

    How do kids manage to break trampoline nets? They're not even that heavy

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