Hunt for man police believe beat, put toddler in hot oven

Florida cops problem arrest warrant for man accused of kid abuse.

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  1. Ginger Tanker says

    Omg this is so ridiculous there r sick people out there and they should be put down!

  2. G-Mack, 58. says

    This ought to be done to this dumb Fuk, I guess this lil black baby life didn't matter!

  3. Tardo Gungas says

    hez a good boi! he was going to schoolz! seriously though, why is he running if he didnt do it..?

  4. Andrew Rod says

    They misspelled again omg…
    Its no damn man, its a fucking animal.
    Beat a toddler and put her into an oven? Are u fucking serious? Shoot on sight if he doesn’t comply(putting into oven works too)

  5. george bush says

    Hey! BLACK LIVES MATTER! This boy din du nuffin! lol

  6. Jeremy Parsons says

    gotta love the kneegro logic at work here. he diddindu it. says the well done baked she-boon

  7. Jeremy Parsons says

    hahhaha she wasnt done cooking, not brown enough. ooh BLM lies matter.

  8. Libertys Son says

    I blame the mother for letting this animal any where near her daughter.

  9. preppersintent says

    Hunt this ape down and KILL him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Timurlane100 says

    The irony. The one man said "until you really know the whole facts, don't sit there and down this man." Funny how that same logic wasn't applied to Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson.

  11. luis guzman says

    If he is guilty they will deal with him in prison real fast

  12. Junior Lemuel says

    Whoever is responsible for this cause needs to turn themselves in. It has to be him, but if the mother doesn't believe it's him then it must be someone else.

  13. Lunamaria says

    It becomes so obvious how souless white males are when I read comments sections of videos like this….

  14. TableRocked says

    How horrific. Come quickly Lord. Mankind has devolved to an animal state.

  15. Nordic Alien says

    im sure this POS voted for Obama and says Trump is a racist as well

  16. Crying ཀ_ཀ Libtards says

    If this was a white man, the dindus would be in the comments in force saying "Typical white male"
    but nope he's black, nothing to see there i guess.

  17. algrundy says

    If this man is found guilty he should be made eligible for retroactive abortion.

  18. Jason T says

    ♪ I want my baby back baby back baby back…

  19. Unga Bunga says

    Sick, and the fact is there's places you can take a child like a safe place , rather than cook it like sum ribbses.

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