Hume: These attacks cannot bring down Western civilization

Fox News senior political analyst on how President Trump ought to deal with the NY terror assault and the timing of the incident following a serious U.S. victory on the bottom abroad in opposition to ISIS. #Tucker

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  1. Del Evans says

    Kill the apostate, the blasphemer, the adulterer, the mischief maker [that's trying to convert a muslim to something else], the Jew, the infidel and so on. Please let me know if I missed any.

  2. Veronica Gallo says

    Brit Hume, blah blah blah…ISIS or no ISIS these terror attacks are perpetuated on the name of Islam. And the so call "moderates" will not stand against it and they will play the "victim card" again and again

  3. Bharat Varsha says

    Allah Hu Akbar – chanted for umpteenth time this year by perpetrators after killing hundreds in series of attacks across the world . Time for the world to unite and wipe out the menace of this cult religion ! Situation getting critical by the day .

  4. Donna Flowers says

    That's BS! One American life is 1 too many! We need BOOTS on the ground in the USA! No more of this in our Country! Bring Antifa and ISIS them down!

  5. Joshua Pichardo Mejia says

    The Rohingha Muslims got kicked out good and bad by The monks because one cannot tell which one of them is a good Muslim or a bad Muslim since they are mixed.
    Muslim should live only in Middle East alone.
    Otherwise this attacks will never stop.

  6. Jj Jones says

    Either we actively root out and fight radical Islamist's here or we'll continue to be picked off a few at a time. Problem is the rich and political elites have security the rest of us don't. Over time this will effect our democracy since fear is a potent motivator.

  7. brabham74 says

    Time to remove an enemy culture from our midst.

  8. Mark Green says

    So, you REALLY think that terrorists are trying to bring down American civilization. You really think that that's their motive. It wouldn't be that they're trying to get the U.S. to pull their troops out of Muslim countries or to stop the U.S. from deposing leaders in those countries. Of course, that couldn't be it. It's not the U.S. trying to control the world. It's obviously Muslims who are trying to control the world. Then again, maybe it's Russia or possibly China. Our enemies are everywhere and they're all trying to stop American civilization!

  9. THarrison004 says

    All three elected officials in New York De Blasio Cuomo and that other idiot have to go,their useless corrupt idiots.

  10. Donald Labelle says

    Get rid of all Muslims. in 1814 supreme court judge STAR said Muslim is a cult not a religion so stop saying that they are good ppl. If can't tell you that Muslims aren't a religion then they are lying to you

  11. Jorge abuauad says

    Israel love Muslim immigration their whole plan is to make people feel terror to gain support for Israel

  12. Maalik Islam says

    Kill all these redneck hillbillies crossworshippers, and enslave their licentious and harlot polytheist women. That will become the policy once we capture you. You will be made to taste that human sacrifice religion you call love and salvation by being crucified on cursed crosses and then made to taste it. He should've killed you instead of doing it in jew york where there are few rednecks. Nuking hillbilly lands.

  13. Gad Ram-Hernzel says

    Wait a minute. Did not Jerry Springer the 'Ringmaster' already affirm he is responding for bringing down Western Civilization?

  14. monkeygraborange says

    Crush ISIS forces? Try crushing evil cunts like DeBlasio and marty Walsh in Boston who are actively giving our cities away to terrorist monsters, and paying for that with OUR tax dollars!

  15. jp cia says

    Americans are stupid, ask the jews from uzbekistan what happen to them, then you stupid liberals invite these retards to USA?

  16. Ricky Valentine says

    Islam is the truth. Look how many civilians the American disbelievers are killing in the middle Middle East. So their lives are less valuable b cause they live in a Islamic nations?

  17. Peter P says

    Western Civilisation is crumbling from within. No need for Islam to do so.

  18. Robert Hudson says

    You could put an eye out with a paintball gun. America is doomed.

  19. Nick C says

    how about everytime this happens, we pick a random mosque somewhere in the middle east, and stealth-bomb it to the ground. we can unleash hell on earth if we really really wanted to

  20. dean counts says

    The only thing that can destroy Western Civilization is the unholy alliance of left wing cultural Marxist citizens that hate their own civilization and hordes of third world immigrants that do not share our culture or our values and have no interests in assimilation

  21. Steve Cakouros says

    Japan is unapologetic. It will not allow Muslims to immigrate. There are no mosques allowed in Japan. Funny, they have had no Muslim attackers. I wonder why? Can you tell me?

  22. Richard Llewellyn says


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