Hume: People today are looking to be offended

Princeton professor Lawrence Rosen requested college students whether or not it was worse for a white man to bodily assault a black man, or to use a racial slur – and so they walked out. Brit Hume sounds off the fragile emotions of today’s faculty college students. #Tucker

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  1. Oakeshott says

    Hume: "People today are looking to be offended."

    Thanks for the scoop, captain obvious, but I think the alternative media beat you to it. Why don't you thank them, if you don't think it too beneath you establishment-type conservatives.

  2. Senor Cabeza de Grande says

    Nigga is a last name in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. So, if my name is Nigga will I have to change it so not offend anyone? What about Bobby Kuntz..Is his name offensive? If a word offends you then you are a pussy!

  3. EarlyLove2014 says

    Trumps Lawyer (Cohen) ADMITS to paying 'Porn Star Stormy Daniels' $130,000 to keep quiet about her affair with Trump..! It's OFFICIAL..!

  4. Otravez 39 says

    Absolutamente! They have vacuous lives devoid of any significance. Look under the surface and you’ll find pretty much what you thought: a whole lot of nothing. An empty shell. The motto of the Democraps is a twist on the one taken from history: Do Unto Others Before They Can Do Unto You. The marching morons are the bitter and rancorous disciples of the non-news tabloid mainstream media, all of whom have earned their thirty pieces of silver many times over.

  5. Jodie Holmes says

    Also still avoiding how Trump added 1 trillion to the deficit this year

  6. Sennie White says

    The Progressive Revolution is part of Obama's Declaration of a Leftist Reconstructive Effort to change the United States of America Ideologies. It will take years or a generation to reverse this "oppressive political correctness".

  7. cj57romulus says

    If you want sympathy you will find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis

  8. Denise33Hank says

    Everyone is a victim anymore! Not me! I love vengeance!

  9. Spot Spot says

    Snowflake and liberal's professor in colleges is a CANCER place.

    Cut off GOVT money to all colleges to stop allow the snowflakes in a Safe locations.
    Also all professor must stoped tenure as that is commie 101 actions.

  10. Chris Shiherlis says

    I asked a Muslim girl if she wanted to get stoned last weekend. She turned around and ran away screaming.

  11. Jason Blake says

    That's cause they have nothing else going for themselves

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