How Wilbur Ross is connected to the Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers reportedly identify Donald Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for not disclosing enterprise ties to the Kremlin. Watch the video to learn the way and whether or not or not the Commerce Dept is responding.

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  1. Bella says

    Powerful people but no one is ethical or honest.   We would do well to never trust anyone in government or entertainment, including Hollywood and the media.   You know, no one would have this power or money without our money and support.

  2. Repairer of the Breach says

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  3. Blazing Dumpster says

    Between the news coming out about this Republican cabinet and Democratic Party primary process I am starting feel sick about both sides. Is it just me?

  4. catzndolz says

    well of COURSE the "source" would be the New York SLIMES!!!!

  5. dAn says

    Tyre (The World Trade Bank)

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  6. dAn says

    Hazor (Ha (T)zor- the rock)

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    Trading human beings

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    Selling educational opportunities to foreigners
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  7. dean counts says

    So Wilbur Ross is not able to do what 90% of the super wealthy do, tax shelter parts of their fortunes? fine call him out on it but then call all of them out on it. As for Russia, so now owning stock in a Russian shipping company is collusion? seriously FOX?
    Establishment wants to get rid of Ross because he is against all these unfair globalist "free trade" deals. Screw you FOX.

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