How the protests in Iran affect the US

Insight into the rebellion on ‘Special Report.’

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  1. leon singleton says

    Democrats re trying to over throw our duly elected president.

  2. Prometheus Unbound says

    Protesters, blow up some more oil tanker. Boston Tea party? I guess that is where Iranians dress up as Iraqis and through crude oil into The Strait of vermouth.

  3. Goerge T says

    If you want to help Iranian people stay out of Iran we have seen this movie before "seeds of democracy for Iraqis " or ….. !

  4. Prometheus Unbound says

    Protests and a big boat full of crude oil explodes. Are we missing a connection hear?

  5. LOUIS XIV says

    They don’t. Fuck muslims… they have a bright future awaiting them.

    Ask Japan.

  6. monkeygraborange says

    "How the protests in Iran affect the US"

    Makes wealthy joos, trustafarians and brain-dead college "students" go batshit crazy and scream against Our President and Our way of life here in America.

  7. Dora Tiscareno says

    Who Cares…let them kill each other…stay out of it USA🇺🇸

  8. Atum says

    Why won't the mainstream media cover the hundreds of thousands of pro-Government protesters marching all across Iran? Makes you think…

  9. Deplorable Joe says

    Where was your support for "Occupy Wall Street", "Standing Rock", etc. Typical neocon drivel granted air time yet again

  10. Four Disastrous Years Coming says

    Fox,report on the protests in Israel against Benjamin Netanyahu. He is a corrupt POS of shit but you scums treat him like a demigod here.

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