HOVERBOARD FAILS!! – June 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Fails Montage Selection

WALL GETS DESTROYED! – HOVERBOARD FAILS! humorous montage for June 2017. Weekly choice features a man slamming right into a pole, mother crashes to the ground, man in hoodie slams right into a automotive, man topples over toddler, teen lady breaks wall, grandpa crashes down, excessive velocity spin fail, reverse cant cease into the shelf, trick gone incorrect, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

Check out TRY NOT TO LAUGH “Hoverboard Fails”:

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  1. Jennifer Marlo says

    I was literally riding my Segway whilst watching this. I’m shook that I didn’t fall off of it 😂

  2. Ana says

    At 2:51he went for,the hoverboard not the poor lady

  3. whisker attack says

    When people want to stop, they don’t realize you have to go to the middle. If you go all the way back, it makes hem go backward, and fall like that.

  4. Medfoti says

    What the fuck? The guy behind the camera went for the hoverboard instead of helping her ugly

  5. Youmemichael says

    I rode my hoverboard really fast on the road and it legit launched me into the air and cracked my hoverboard. Surprisingly enough, it didn't hurt.

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