Hollywood paints Golden Globes black in protest

Senior leisure editor for Hollywoodlife Lauren Cox says its a constructive approach for women and men to say they need to see change.

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  1. True Tech says

    Its really pathetic why they had to protest such a creepy thing.
    Its good that they are sweeping the streets of horrible toxic garbage by doing so.
    A better world for all tomorrow, sooner, today.

  2. Patrick Levell says

    This is the kind of garbage that convinced me to get rid of my TV.

  3. Oasis S. says

    Shouldn’t they be proud that people IN HOLLYWOOD are finally standing up and taking a stand? But nope. Let’s make it suck for everyone because you know…that will surely stop the perverts.

  4. Canadian Watcher 369 says

    My protest is I stopped watching all Hollywood product. Try it. You start to feel better. You want to kill the abuse….a mass exit from this Hollywood. Let it collapse and restart in Vancouver with women running it. You have to cut the head off the snake. Let it die now.
    I'm a man.

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