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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the HIDDEN PHONE FUNCTIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thank you for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. Lewis Yost says

    Music to lpud hard to understand what your saying

  3. Captain Learjet says

    The # is not called "hashtag"… that's a twitter thing. It's a POUND sign with an official name of "octothorp".

  4. Michael steffen says

    Isn`t it funny, these stupid fucks ask you to subscribe before you have even viewed ANY of their content? WE are not that stupid you video producing fucktards!

  5. Joe Rider says

    You talk like a valley girl. Very annoying lilt in your voice.

  6. joe bob says

    I am sorry about your mother problems.

  7. Corae Dread says

    What the heck is hash tag? # is symbol for pound ! Asterisk * not star

  8. Barbara Reding says

    Speak way too fast and the music makes it i possible to listen. Goodbye.

  9. Arbear64 says

    Every one of these tips on this video is fake. NOT ONE works. Video total crap and waste of time

  10. Itsalgud1 says

    Best tip for me, backspace on iPhone calculator

  11. Lee Smith says

    Just wanted to say it's not hashtag, it's Pound, many ppl born in the last 20 yrs don't know. So don't say hashtag , cuz hashtag is only related to apps. But great vids

  12. Shelley Lyme says

    The commentary voice is irritating as hell and I gave up after a couple of minutes. Presumably these inane voices are used deliberately, but only God knows why. Maybe they are designed to appeal to stupid people or something.

  13. Spork Sabre says

    First 2 min. Of this vid no longer work or are fake. Research error?

  14. Alex1993 says


  15. Guntucky says

    Slow Down and speak CLEAR American English.

  16. Martin Engelbrecht says

    Whats your hurry dude? You go through things so far nobody can keep up AND you dont really explain things very well. Really bad. Would never subscribe to your channel. You in to much of a hurry to get through the video with that shitty music in the background.

  17. ROBLOX 1337 says

    Are those things only work on (The Popular) iPhones or All of Them? [Sony,Nokia,Huawei,LG,HTC,etc..]

  18. Gidget Montgomery says

    You should REALLY figure out a way to turn down that stupid music in this video! I listened (or attempted) to the entire video & all I heard were a few words here & there. Because the music was critically louder than the commentary!!! It would be great if you completely REDO the while thing, minus the music. Because that's all anyone could hear! Several friends tried as well, & it was the same on all phones! Super loud music overriding someone whispering….

  19. App Dev says

    couldn't get past 1:53 because wanted to gouge out my ear drums with a spoon because of the s##t f#####g music and an a##hole who keeps saying hashtag

  20. Happy Emoji says

    Turn your music down or off because it's hard to hear what you're saying.

  21. david jacobs says

    Secret menu no worky on motorola moto G. First speed trick didn't work with verizon service.

  22. Kristopher Karcher says

    Youre music is too loud for me to understand some of the things youre saying.

  23. Jackie French says

    you need to slow down, im from Texas..we dont understand that fast talk..just breath

  24. Thomas Wieser says

    Is there any I can hack into a friends's phone and put Chuck Norris' name and photo under my phone number so they answer my call?

  25. mary magdalene says

    you talk too fast and I did not understand much you said. slow down, what is the hurry?

  26. Paul Farndon says

    # this is called the ‘hash’ symbol, not hashtag you fucking mug

  27. renzi79 says

    Background music is so damn loud it is hard to focus on your important tips. Plus you're speaking too fast to have this annoying music competing for my attention. On top of it all you have a lovely accent but added to the other 2 factors – it's just too much. Super annoying video- I just couldn't hit replay a third time – I give up!

  28. cos cat says

    so what does *3370# do exactly ?

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