HEEL KICK! Official Trailer Tease (2017) Wrestling Movie HD

Two yard wrestlers resolve to go professional. Unfortunately for them… they suck.

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HEEL KICK! Teaser Trailer
A Movie directed by Danny Mac
Cast : Danny Mac, Chris Wilcox, Cooper Bibaud, Matthew Graham, Pam Kearns, Naiah Cummins, Scotty Mac
Release Date : 2017
Genre : Comedy, Mockumentary, Wrestling Movie

HEEL KICK! Trailer
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  1. lennonscat says

    Love the painting in the background at the start of the trailer…. It's the Ghostbuster's 2 painting with this movie's actors….

  2. rushc5 says

    At first, I clicked on this link thinking it would be a god awful movie mocking pro wrestling, then I got through the first 28secs thinking maybe I was wrong, but then once the 29sec mark hit…… It turned out I was right from the beginning. =(

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