Harper slams Trudeau government over NAFTA negotiations

Former prime minister Stephen Harper criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government’s dealing with of the NAFTA negotiations in a leaked memo. Conservative Party deputy chief Lisa Raitt says a number of what’s within the letter “rings true.”
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  1. Alfa Mail says

    Trudeau can't negociate himself out of a paper bag. Everyone is finding that out. That said, I think it does more harm than good to have Harper speak out. It's his right, of course, and he has a loyal following, and god knows he is a very smart man, but i think it's best to stay out of it. I do agree that siding with Mexico during NAFTA is not the way to go. It'll be blunder after blunder for this juvenile liberal government.

  2. dmc says

    CBC, I don't know enough about this issue. Everything is being kept in really 'vague' terms. I don't think that a representative from the negotiators is speaking to our press after each meeting (between the 3 countries) in order for our press to be able to inform Canadians as to the 'specifics' of the issues. It is only my opinion, but I would like to see CBC or CTV cover the meetings so that Canadians can have a more informed opinion. That is why, in fact, I am not even sure what Harper is talking about since Canada has put together a “Canadian team” of negotiators.

    I cannot form an opinion one way or another. After everything is said and done because Canadians were only given 'general' info, I am not sure if Canadians will really know one way or another. I cannot have a strong opinion one way or another with no Canadian press covering the meetings, and our press not talking to a representative from the negotiators 'after' each meeting. I think that we are just told that there are meetings. I could be wrong about this – so CBC, can you tell us if there is a site where Canadians can get objective info from the Canadian government/Canadian team of negotiators about each meeting that has taken place so far?

    I can understand negotiations being done behind closed doors; however, why is the press speaking about NAFTA in 'vague' terms? I could even be wrong about this; is there a place where Canadians are being updated on the 'specific' issues being discussed during each meeting? I am not sure how Canadians are expected to have an informed opinion. Once again, I could be wrong because I just don't know enough.

    In fact, I am not even sure of the importance of this leaked Harper memo – why did CBC find it important? Is is important to the NAFTA talks? Was it leaked to polarize Canadians?

    Okay CBC, as a Canadian citizen, I have no more questions. Thank you.

  3. jon smith says

    Abolish nafta, close borders, trade with china! Done, simple!

  4. David Johnston says

    Plan B is tax Canadians to cover the loss of tax revenue as Canada's GDP tanks

  5. dmc says

    There has been a lot of talk about Canada and US. However, what exactly is Canada asking from Mexico in these negotiations? With this leaked memo, everyone here is talking as if Canadian and Mexican governments are joined at the hip, but are they? Does Canada want nothing from Mexico in order to arrive at a fair trade deal? I don't know enough about these things, but I read an news article from Reuters that said that there was tension over the sharp differences in pay between Mexican workers and their Canadian and U.S. Counterparts. According to the Reuters article [quote] “Canada's biggest private-sector union said NAFTA should be scrapped if Mexico cannot agree to better labor standards, clashing with Mexican business leaders who argued that workers rights were a matter for each country to resolve internally. Mexico is resisting demands to bring wages into line with U.S. and Canadian levels.”

    So is the problem only the US? CBC, can you explain how it is possible to have a “fair” trade deal when Mexico refuses to pay its workers what Canada and US do? Is the problem just the US, or is Mexico also refusing to budge? It looks to me as if the 3 countries are not even close to a solution.

    Finally, CBC, can you explain Mexico's track record on environmental issues? Also, since Trump walked away from the Paris Climate Accord, would the Trump Administration agree to any environmental clause(s) in NAFTA? Not likely that Trump would see that what the US does environmentally also affects Canada's environment. Thank you.

  6. dmc says

    Scheer (accusation of maleficence); Harper ('Napping on NAFTA'); Pallister ('Manitoba First'/Carbon Tax) – these Conservative attacks/criticisms all occurred within the same week. Coincidence or collusion? How close are the federal and provincial Conservatives to the Trump Administration or federal Republicans in the USA? Do the Canadian Conservatives coordinate their actions/talking-points after consultation with Republicans in the USA? Is there a coordinated effort to undermine the Canadian federal government? How and why was Harper's memo leaked? Can any CBC journalist investigate? Thank you.

  7. S Pol says

    I believe the Pipline is a priority. I am a biologist in Poland we need Pipelines

  8. DataWaveTaGo says

    Any self respecting right winger/CONsevative would look at Lisa Raitt and comment "Lisa Raitt looks like she can't control her own body, why should I believe her…" and worse.

  9. A Lau says

    Harper is a lap dog. Bark for attending. Trump slapped 300 X on Canadian lumber. Fine. We just raised export price by 500 % oh for Texas and Florida? 20 % surcharge. Non negotiable. ?

  10. Bruce Wayne says

    Harper was a globalist just like Trudeau. Two different men from the same cloth. This revelation attempts to dismiss that fact and portray NAFTA in a good light. NAFTA needs to be thrown out as it was the first step to integrating the North American Union. Trump knows this and that I why he initially wanted to do away with it altogether.

  11. graphic tablet says

    Harper is a traitor who should be in jail for betraying the country he took an oath to serve.
    He tried to put Canadians in jail for speaking out against Israeli apartheid against Palestinians… as PM of Canada he put the interests of a foreign government over Canadians he was in office to serve.
    Like the Republicans, who put the enemy of the environment to head the EPA, the enemy of public education in charge of Education, et cetera for every head of every government department, the Conservatives in Canada serve the enemies of Canada: multinational corporations.
    His disparagement means we areon the right trackfor protecting Canadian interests and values!

  12. Furlotte P says

    Sad. I guess Trudeau will just sell out Canada to the Chinese. Its a scary thought. What next. Back your bags and move to Mexico. A drama teacher. No class.

  13. Slosh Mike says

    Trudeau has done nothing, NOTHING to look after the best interests of Canadians.  And he will continue to do NOTHING.  In fact, he is doing the exact opposite.

  14. Kalin Dokis says

    I never thought I'd say this and I've never voted conservative in my life but I actually miss Harper 🙁

  15. Carolan says

    Trump is going to throw Canada under the bus anyways ALL signs point THIS; was going to happen as soon as Trump was elected☑ Canada needs to grow some avocados quite literally and use global warming to its benefit. Canada has land up North that's been destroyed by trying to appease the neighbor's desires since its birth… acres of land. Think GREEN; not Red White and Blue, repurposing wasteland with solar panels, using the knowledge of its Native Canadians and scientists( the ones ((Harper )) tried to silence b4 he left office) to understand it's own worth. Canadians have intelligent people already educated in electricity, economics, builders, (welders) many craftspeople and already live up there. Retrain Refrain Retain: being self sufficient energy wise, food wise, market wise. Canadians NOT only export/import goods to the USA and Mexico; Canadians export/import talent, trained and educated people. Canadians NEED to import and export with other markets too.
    THIS is a new world where after the collapse of 2008 when Harper was PM; all the eggs were put into 1 basket/market that showed to the world it's weaknesses.

    TIME to begin thinking globally like every other country/market is doing now.
    What was Trump doing in Asia/China? The middle east? Africa? Was he thinking about Canada and Mexico? No. He was thinking about the USA.
    Harper harps on ideas of the Past.
    Trudeau MUST move on gracefully.
    Canadians NEED to remember that the events of today's negotiations are NOT the results of today's decisions. They are a culmination a series of events brought on by always bowing down to the wants/desires of others. TIME to think about Canadians cause it's obvious no one else cares more about Canadians than Canadians.

  16. 7charlierox says

    Harper was bad for Canadians. Secretive right wing robot.

  17. William Pereira says

    harper should mind is business and leave through the back door as he did

  18. Shaheen Ali says

    Harper should keep quiet. And not many agree with Harper.

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