Go Behind The Scenes of ALIEN COVENANT (2017)

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A Movie directed by Ridley Scott
Cast : Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Billy Crudup…
Release Date : 2017
Genre : Science Fiction, Thriller, Alien MOVIE

© 2017 – 20th Century Fox

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  1. UrboyCrazy says

    Very bad terrible movie Covenant. i do the fingering?? Really Scott

  2. Crom Cruach says

    I'm looking for the part where the baby xeno dances.

  3. Do you like My memes? says

    So basic, predictable and unsurprising… There was no "aha!" Moments or light bulbs above my head. I'll give a it a 3.5/5… Only because it scared the shit outta me at times

  4. Dog Hunter says

    This movie was fucking shit boring fuck i think this was a low budget movie

  5. Guy Mickey says

    So much effort to make such a shitty movie.

  6. Mack M says

    wow… I hear the move was OK.. but the effects were great.. I can see why.. a lot were REAL

  7. Cowboy Krinkle says

    If you want an Alien movie to describe and lay everything out for you and have everything be practical effects and a story regarding pre-Alien territory, write your own fucking Alien movie, save up 200 MIllions dollars and make it yourself.

  8. Cassius Allen says

    It shows how much people know when they dismiss this movie as 'COMPLETE GARBAGE!" or "HE FUCKED UP" or "WORST MOVIE EVAR".

    Yes, it is a flawed movie in so many aspects but if you cannot see the things he did that were phenomenal, you owe it to yourself to find out if you really aren't just jumping on a band wagon.

    A long time Alien fan and I found the film mixed. There are things i LOVED and things is did not hate but strongly disliked. He needs a better scriptwriter.

  9. The Mood says

    Being an actor in a Ridley Scott film would be a journey, everything is real, and he doesn't use much CGI.

  10. Froguism says

    I'm glad they used practical effects and such for a lot of the scenes.

  11. Kurt Lockwood says

    To bad this movie didn't deliver what everyone wanted. I enjoyed the movie but don't think it works well as a alien prequel

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