Girl’s hijab cut in scissor attack while walking to school in Toronto

A lady’s hijab was cut as she was walking to school in Toronto and police are nonetheless searching for the attacker. John Vennavally-Rao reviews.

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  1. Sultan Ali Ahmed says

    I am appalled and disgusted by the comments on this video – instead of giving solace to the victim, people here are attacking the victim. How shameful.

  2. G4MER GUY says

    It's happening in Europe it's going to happen in Canada

  3. rayzer says

    Why does anyone care? Her opinions are only half that of a man's.

  4. True North Strong says

    Yeah, how many asian guys have you seen lately with mustaches? This is a lie to cover up something else. Because they will never find the perpetrator this story will soon disappear, but the goal has been achieved – another hate crime against muslims. The fact that this was jumped on by all levels of government is a sure sign of a staged event. She was attacked by a scissor wielding mad man, twice and yet has not one cut or abrasion to show for it. Meanwhile there was a young woman in Oshawa who was cut to pieces and thrown in lake ontario but no mention of her, or how about the hundreds of other crimes against women and girls in Toronto that happen year after year. How about all the sex assaults and cases of women being masturbated on in the subway by men? Trudeau does not weep for them.

  5. Nihari says

    Lol looking at most of the comments says a lot about you people.

  6. Aim M.A.H. says

    This is a HATE CRIME .
    Some people are turning stupid nowadays !
    The boy is laughing because he is a child ! .. Is a child supposed to cry infront of microphones & cameras especially if he was seeing it in front of his eyes for the first time in his short life !
    WTF.. !

  7. Aim M.A.H. says

    Conservatives and extremists should be eliminated from canada

  8. Yvon Desrosiers says

    Low I.Q. Trudeau will make a new law : " remove your hijab,nikab or burka before an hair cut "

  9. Noor Hiassat says

    Hijab or no hijab.. this is still a case of a man trying to assault a little girl.. whether he was trying to cut off her hijab or even her shoe laces doesn't really matter.

  10. only smellz says

    she said it's an important part of her religion. NOTHING in Islam says women have to wear burkas or hijabs. It is purely cultural. It is so men aren't tempted to rape women. This implies Muslims see little girls as sex objects.

  11. Morteza Mirzaee says

    All of you should be quiet👎 Muslims are the 👍 peoples in the world

  12. Speed Phreak says

    I don't know.. maybe adopt the customs of the country you move to and try to fit in? regardless of religion.

  13. White Master Mariner says

    Funny each and every one of these sensational fabricated stories of racism in Canada against muslims, yet never any evidence, never any witnesses, never any video…

    No one, absolutely no one moves to a muslim country then returns to a
    western country and says yes, I want my western country to be just like theirs.

    There is no place for muslims in my Canada. Get out of my country.

  14. jeannine Poulin says

    Yes, You are NOT in Saudi Arabia…. You're in Canada… so why do you have that thing on your face! A head scarf is not so bad, but to cover the face is oppressing indeed. I can only feel sorry for you.

  15. Dunno Simpson says

    wish i could see the face of all these ppl leaving these racist ass comments. probly never even met or had a conversation with somebody that wasnt their own skin colour. probly also get all their news from Alex Jones too

  16. StopWatch says

    So many of these stories are hoaxes so I take this extremely publicized story Trudeau was very quick to make a statement for with a handful of salt.

  17. You are Here. says

    Trump spreading hate and violence inciting weak minds to hate those who are different. SAD!

  18. Dunning Kruger says

    If it was you or are I in their country…. our HEAD would be cut off.

  19. Josh Stevens says

    I'm going to guess that Antifa (or one of their like-minded groups) was behind this.

  20. Blowin Kk says

    I don't believe these. I would put money on it she is lying. Listen to the way she talks and what she said. Its a lie.

  21. kanukster says

    Why was this young girl forced to wear such an oppressive symbol of hate? If this story is even true (simply because muslims can't be trusted to tell the truth) then the person is a true hero for trying to save her from the Islamic death cult!

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