Geert Wilders: “This Is How Europe Dies”

Geert Wilders: “This Is How Europe Dies”

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  1. Chad Chaddington The Fourth says

    What's with the Israel stuff most ceaselessly? Actually no one in Europe provides a crap about Israel. Most Europeans below 30 don't even comprehend it exists.

  2. Irritable Australian says

    What’s the title of the intro tune? AND Geert Wilders is this form of wordsmits even in a foreign language.

  3. David Kay says

    Europe dies due to girls folks vote and betray their nations. Engage away their vote and it’ll self proper.

  4. 7thSmurf says

    correct speech ..nonetheless the WEST has already SURRENDERED to islam. 10 Million muslims in the US three million in canada and 52 million MUSLIM SCUMLORDS in europe! now we enjoy misplaced our homelands scheme wait on.. We’re going to most fascinating desire them wait on with FIRE ! let them FEEL THE HEAT ! like Reagan mentioned..

  5. somegreatbloke says

    I'm Dutch, and proud to enjoy voted for this man! #PVVForever

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