FUNNY KID FAILS of JUNE 2017 | THE BEST FAILS | Weekly Fail Compilation

Brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest KID FAILS of JUNE 2017. Including youngsters getting owned, dwelling video bloopers, accidents caught on digital camera, silly stunts, final playground fails, karate fails, gymnastics gone flawed, bike crashes and extra humorous viral clips, outtakes and moments caught on digital camera.

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  1. Kaisa Brooks says

    in the first fail that was stupid i have a trampoline and we have a net around it

  2. Yokai Moose says

    Tried to watch this with my daughter and someone said "oh shit" and now every time someone falls she yells "oh shit" lol. her moms gonna kill me,

  3. Star Walker says

    Half of these parents are really fucking dumb. Some of the kids getting hurt are just quick accidents, but what about the ones where there are babies climbing on things and obviously gonna fall because they're babies, and yet the parents don't do shit and just keep filing? Fucking asswipes.

  4. bc Ray says

    PS4 GIVEAWAY on my channel! Don't miss out!

  5. lowtuned says

    4:03 what could possibly go wrong…
    i think he could easily die hitting his head on one of those corners. even in three possible ways.

  6. The Makeup Junkies says

    All these comments talking about bad parents and parents laughing at thier children is bullshit. They are filming thier children's milestones in life. They laugh because if you react to a child freaking out then they will freak out. When you laugh they will brush it off and not make a deal out of it.

  7. mike says

    3:11 "ok thats my exercise for the week. fire up the hot pockets randy!"

  8. Dabbing Mannequins Gaming says

    3:34 Wow, the parent just swore in front of her kid. Even though the kid is a toddler who doesn't understand the swear word, it does seem "savage" for the parent to do that.

  9. shay c says

    baby fails r not funny to me sadly

  10. Random Human says

    The quote of the year 2017 iiiiiiiis…

    "Creds to that little stick!"

  11. Hunter Bickford says

    Half these kids almost died because of retarded parents making dumb decisions or waiting until the last second to try and help

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