FUNNY GIRL FAILS of MAY 2017 | THE BEST FAILS | Funny Fail Compilation

Brand new weekly montage of the FUNNIEST GIRL FAILS of MAY 2017. Including hover board crash landings, rope swings gone flawed, lady falls out of a tree, exercise fails, a lady tumbles off a jeep, dance fails, yoga fails hilarious accidents and humorous viral clips and moments caught on digital camera.

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  1. CK_32 says

    Anyone else find most of this not even funny? Girls aren't even funny when they fail. RIP

  2. Rhodochrosite305 says

    I’m so stupid, i didn’t realize that E.Y.E.S spelled eyes 😂 lord help me.

  3. ERSTEG says

    последний эпизод супер хахахаха

  4. Sagar G says

    Last question is mind freaking…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Chris Boose says

    "why are you laughing – because I'm a ding-bat?" "YYYYes, that's why I'm laughing."

  6. Aiden Niquay says

    its birthday me and my little brother me is 12 May and my little bro is 14 May

  7. salazam says

    0:55 Difference between guys and girls: a guy would've still fallen out of the jeep, but he wouldn't have spilled his beer.

  8. Heather Wanamaker says

    this only proves that girls these days have as much er visits as boys do

  9. Faizalfm17 says

    The last video remind me of World Star Hip Hop questions.. E-Y-E-S

  10. The Bipolar Bear says

    If these slutty whore women wore some clothes, then they would not get so many injuries.

  11. Jurassic Kam says

    Some girls may not know how to do shit but they give us a shit ton of laughs XDXDXDXD

  12. Jason Clark says

    These woman can't even walk and talk at the same time . Damn they have no upper body strength and balance

  13. Lianna Pinnell says

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  14. blue03r6 says

    good thing the last chick is hot because she better marry into money. she isn't making any of her own lol

  15. SubjectRandom says

    She is so adorable when she gets it wrong, I think she's a mathematician not a linguist @9:01.

  16. TOY_CINDY05 LoLirock says

    We girls are always making the world laugh sometimes even thou we get get hurt 😅😅😂😂🤣🤣

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