Full Highlights: Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks, MGM Resorts NBA Summer League

Kyle Kuzma led the Lakers with 24 factors in a victory. Lonzo Ball added 16 factors and 10 assists. Dennis Smith Jr. paced the Mavericks with 21 factors and 6 assists.

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  1. Mads Svendsen says

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  2. elsa lehtinen says

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  3. Dani Kouakou says

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  4. Mister E says

    We all know summer league don't count bruh

  5. AdrenalineUnlimited says

    I'm really liking this depth chart, I wonder what Magic is planning to trade Clarkson for. I don't know but it's going to be big. By the 2019 postseason we're talking title.

  6. phung86 says

    Zubac not improve, slow, weak, lazy moving

  7. Guille Mingot says

    Kuzma is so good i think, he played well all the summer league, it's one of the best prospects of the Draft.

  8. Asianman1 says

    5:16 Some dude ankle broke himself calling for the ball ???

  9. Deric says

    론조볼 슛타점이 낮네 정기시즌에서 저렇게 쏘면 블럭 당하기 쉽지

  10. Mr. C Wynn says

    Lakers Bigs was too much and L.Ball finds the hot hand all the tiime , But DSJ was clearly the best player in the summer league

  11. Prospect says

    Lonzo, Zubac, Kuzma>>>>> Lebron,Wade,Bosh

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