Full Highlights: Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr. Duel in Vegas | July 16

Lonzo Ball (16 factors, 10 assists) and Dennis Smith Jr. (21 factors, 6 assists) placed on a present at Vegas Summer League as Ball’s Los Angeles Lakers held on to beat Smith’s Dallas Mavericks to advance to the Summer League Finals. Lonzo Ball had extra dazzling dishes, whereas Smith continued his sturdy play punctuated by a giant slam.

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  1. Eazy Blaze says

    Lonzo is not gonna be great like some of you say he is….Now Dennis Smith Jr. is gonna be a Great player.Lonzo no defense.

  2. hands down 5X says

    I'm a laker fan … you mavs fan got a steal of the draft on Dennis smith jr! he should really be top 3 pick if not higher. good for mavericks!

  3. Chris Perry says

    I hope people understand how legit Zubac is. Coming from a Mavs when…when i first saw him a year ago i knew he would be a unique NBA player. Hope the Lakers know what they have and give him play time.

  4. KingTim25 says

    Lonzo is too big for these niggas. It's a mitch match effort every point guard.

  5. lahloo says

    Ball looks like a kid on defense vs Smith Jr.

    Dennis Smith Jr > Ball

  6. Freddy Fazbear says

    Why are people trashing DSJ? They both had great games and both burned each other on different occasions. They're both going to rock the league.

  7. Jhabari Owens says

    Who you guys got starting Kyle Kuzma or Julius Randall?

  8. Ace Austoom says

    Dennis smith the next Westbrook but with a better shot. Lozo a good passer below average defender also his shot won't translate to the nba DSJ will be better

  9. 샤라포바마리아 says

    lonzo's pick n roll defence is god awful…. and they take their fate into the guy who's never played in nba. what a sad organization it is.

  10. Allen Chang says

    Why is everyone judging who's better than who like it's a fact base on ONE game in a summer league? lol

  11. Brisky Jam says

    Bruh yall talk too soon on lonzo ball let the man finish summer league first damn

  12. Dan Dahmann says

    DSJ is possibly a better player, but Lonzo is a way better BALLER!!!

  13. Devin Farmer says

    Dennis could had alot more assists if his teammates could knock down open jumpers

  14. Delightful says

    When your lakers summer league team is more successful than the real lakers

  15. Svpreme says

    Wow, so Lonzo fans are just gonna ignore the great game Dennis Smith Jr. had, let alone his great summer league? Smh. And this is coming from a Lonzo fan…

  16. moovd. says

    Die Zukunft der Lakers, the Lakeshow is back!

  17. TheReal22 says

    lonzo will be great. Come back at the end of the season and tell me if i am wrong (i won't be wrong)

  18. dsdeufbs ateo says

    Future rivalry this future rivalry that . You know you're good when you have many good rivals . First they said Fultz then Tatum then Fox and now Smith? Who's next

  19. jajye29 says

    deluded fans, one is a star, the other one is a superstar, like it or not this is the truth

  20. Tranel Hawkins says

    Lonzo is getting serious hype from the ESPN, but Dennis is just breaking legs and rims! Dennis J is going to be rook of the year.

  21. Ooo So Smooth says

    Personally I feel like Dennis Smith Jr. Is a great playmaker just as good as Ball, but he can't show it playin with that garbage ass summer league team, he definitely proved it in college. He's a better all around player than Ball, Lavar hyped ball up and thats why he went number 2.


    How can you claim one is better than the other from one SL game? Lonzo's court vision is unparalleled in this draft class but DSj contributes in other ways. U gotta see who they are playing with too.

  23. Keevon SC says

    Dennis Smith Jr has to work on that landing man or he is injury prone bond. Dennis is to talented and skilled we want to see you healthy.

  24. jpdrummer86 says

    Funniest thing is Lakers fans can only celebrate summer league bahahahahah!!! They'll be in the lottery again next year.

  25. jpdrummer86 says

    After DSJ crossed over Lonzo in the 3rd quarter he got hurt on that crossover lol, people don't realize that but DSJ practically made Lonzo strain his leg calve on the crossover. You can even see it on the replay. ?

  26. GUCCI GUWAP says

    Lonzo couldn't stay in front, mediocre defense, his team was smacking threes like crazy, bailed him out, lonzo just has a better team, smith had good passes but his team can't score, you can't blame him, smith is definitely better when you surround him with some good players

  27. Ben Whalen says

    These guys will be good but the star of the draft will be Fox!

  28. Reitmann Kohanim says

    as I look and study D Smith Jr.. he plays with that Westbrook OkC aggression….

  29. BootherJr says

    Lonzo is a Prodigy whether you like it or not.

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