Former Toronto Maple Leafs player accused of sexual assault

Former Toronto Maple Leaf Dave “Tiger” Williams has been accused of sexual assault after an incident on a navy flight.

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  1. Bev Power says

    Fake news Just like CNN and MSNBC come on Canada why is it we are not able to subscribe to Fox NeW YORK Great shows Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson Laure Ingram Fox and Freinds Happening Now ETC ETC Can't seem to get an answer WHY WHY Canada ( CRTC) some one banned it but TELL US WHO Have not been able to get any answers NO BIAS here

  2. Greg Lester says

    Question: Why isn’t the name of Tiger Williams’ accuser being released? At one point the ‘victim’ is commended for her courage of coming forward with these accusations yet refuses to identify herself. And they call that ‘courageous’? Seems more like a cloak and dagger game. People making these kind of accusations should be just as accountable and known as those they accuse.

  3. fomalhaut says

    CTV is a despicable network that has no business sharing Canadian airspace. Its attempt to throw the province into chaos in an election year won't be forgotten.

  4. The_Chipmunk_ says

    Sentence : 10,000,000 minutes in the penalty box … 🙂

  5. Austin Allen says

    CTV= lets talk about an alleged sexual assault if the person is white and not a migrant subsequently ignoring all sexual assaults involving migrants

  6. Rigor Mortis says

    He did the ''bunny in the hat'' trick.
    He scored his last goal.
    He's on the bench now.
    Game over,man.

  7. Dunning Kruger says

    Up next…. CTV big money makers getting accused. Wait for it… it is coming.

  8. True Tech says

    Bet there are more than a few so called enforcer tough guy types that have created more than just a few victims off the ice.

  9. Dunning Kruger says

    WHAT???? Useless rich person sexually assaulted someone ??? NO WAY!!!!

    Don't act so surprised you brainwashed cucks.

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