Former NYPD detective talks past surveillance of NJ mosque

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and former NYPD counterterrorism detective Bill McGroarty weigh in on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Poppo Redbad says

    Schmuck Chumer and his crazy radical left wing open border Dems are just as guilty as the Uzbek terrorist.

  2. Jester Avrgjoe says

    This will probably piss some of you off, but Zionists won't be happy until America is at the same level of siege/terror as the Israelis are. Zionism=Globalism

  3. Lilly Day says

    The State of New York is a breeding ground for terrorists, who can and will spread throughout the United States and many most likely have.

  4. My View says

    Read Philip Haney’s book, See Something Say Nothing. He worked in intelligence, joining the dots of potential and actual terrorists, as well as interviewing arrivals at US airports of individuals known to have connections with terrorist groups. When Obama became president he ordered agents like Haney to wipe the dots (database records). Then began a process of effectively dismantling intelligence, interference by CAIR (who later were one of the un indicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation trial – the biggest terrorist trial in US history). Representatives of CAIR were even shown the security arrangements in American airports, and obliged the security services to radically alter the training manuals for new agents to make them more acceptable to muslims. All of this because of Obama’s determination that ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’.

  5. Harry Gasser says

    Give me the terrorist for a year and I will return him in a body bag.

  6. rajasmasala says

    Btw you have a literal neonazi, Gorka, on your show. Also, Trump is heavily cutting antiterror funding to pay billionaires and himself.

  7. Chris Gigante says

    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid these so-called Intel guys cause more problems for legitimate CIA and military experts on intelligence. It’s documented this New York PD force has gotten in the way more than they have done good in counterterrorism. They are a bunch of clowns running around and actually stepping on the feet of real intelligence gatherers. New York Can’t figure out a train schedule let alone how to conduct counterterrorism. They should leave it to the experts and get the fuck out of the way

  8. Hired GunGames says

    they need to start condemning their own before we should allow them in. they don't condemn any of their "brothers" terrorist actions and out them, or report them… before they are allowed in they need to clean up their religion. ffs they almost had their entire nation overrun with terror because they didn't want to fight those who were terrorists! and there are way more of them! if that doesn't tell you something then we have bigger issues…

  9. My View says

    Same in the UK. Mosques are centres of radicalisation,

  10. Tyler E says

    America white cops kills more Americans in a year than Islamic terrorist can dream of… miss us with the BS Fox News!

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