Finding success in question period

So many questions, so few clear solutions. So how do MPs outline success in question period? Chris Rands speaks to a few opposition MPs.

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  1. coateskylie says

    Wow the members of parliament think so highly of themselves it’s too bad Canadians don’t turn out to vote and barely pay attention to their members remember the Liberals won the popular vote by 38% and remember Stephen Harper and the conservatives they won it by 39%

  2. Del Evans says

    In March, Hussain reported an attack at his on-campus office. He told ISU police he was thrown to the floor by an unknown attacker. Police later determined the attack did not happen. Hussain was dismissed from his teaching position at the university.
    Hussain also claimed he’d received emails containing anti-Muslim messages and threats of potential violence against members of the Muslim community. Investigators were able to track the computers from which the emails originated and uncovered evidence to charge Hussain with sending the emails himself.

  3. My preferred pronoun is GOD says

    The new CBC news ad insists at the end that we should let go off or judgements and just listen. "Just listen", it implores for a second time as though the moral correctness of being an uncritical audience was self-evident.

    Give us a break CBC.

  4. MIran L says

    We need to see some collaboration, and that is more productive for the country.

  5. Osiris Malkovich says

    What do you want to bet the 15 thumbs down on this video are all because it contained the word "mansplaining?"

  6. rossriver75 says

    Obviously CBC has decided to suddenly release a number of social issue videos over the last 24 hours. Sort of like lectures. Not news reports. What's the game?

  7. Jupiter Eye says

    Oh damn, please Mrs Sannon Stubbs, don't use the language of the liberal extremists "Thanks for the mansplaining…" you can do better than that.

  8. Dylan Harrison says

    Mansplaining is how women use sexism against men. Can we not have that in our government? Thanks.

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