FINAL CUT 2017 – A Movie Trailer Mashup

FINAL CUT 2017 – A Movie Trailer Mashup

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Edited by Nick Bosworth, © 2017

Wow…we have lastly reached the tip of 2017. It’s been an extended and difficult 12 months to say the least with an enormous quantity of twists and turns alongside the way in which. A 12 months of unhealthy choices, good choices and development in methods I could not probably think about. I could not have gotten by it nonetheless with out the help of my wonderful girlfriend Lynn, my household, our chief JoBlo and the wonderful web site crew, my shut mates and naturally…the facility of fantastic cinema.

If I’ve discovered something on this previous 12 months, it is that point, honesty, friendship and clear-ideas are treasured issues that one should take nice care with otherwise you threat happening the incorrect path. With that I current my return to the 12 months-finish film mashup with Final Cut 2017 and need everybody an excellent and great 2018.

P.S. Sorry that I missed Final Cut 2016! 😉


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  1. sai kiran says

    Movies not released in 2017 are also there

  2. Ana Paola Arballo Peregrino says

    This is so fucking awesome!! anyone can help me to get a list of movies of 2017? I did't recognize all in the video.

  3. Carlos Lugo says

    I don’t think I saw any “LadyBird” scenes…wtf

  4. Rough Cuts & Official Vibes says

    fuck yeahh h.
    i just woke up and saw this, it blew me away just like the past ones.
    great job, nick. great fucking job

  5. aNightpro says

    well it was pretty uninspired but glad ya'll are doing them again.

  6. British Bacon says

    I know it probably a long shot but I hope a final cut 2016 gets made eventually, they really make my day.

  7. Tobi Aramide says

    God I missed this mashup last year. I know I say this every year but Nick Bosworth is the absolute GOAT of these mashup videos. I watch a bunch of them every year from different people but these ones are consistently the best. The shot selection timed with the music/dialogue is impeccable. The way it moves from one genre to the other is masterful and covers a wide range of movies not just the big blockbusters. Also the range of emotions these video elicits is something to behold. Truly bravo Nick & Joblo, bravo. Masterful.

  8. Albert Hakimi says

    Awesome job, Nick! Please do one for 2016. Thank you, talented sir

  9. Jogwheel says

    The continuity of motion and action in the third portion of this supercut (around 3:52) is extraordinarily well-done. I watched (what I thought) was an impressive 100 movies from this year, but I am astonished at how many clips I do not recognize at all in this.

    PHENOMENAL WORK! A superb compilation of a truly fantastic year for cinema.

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