Famous Celebs Caught Being JERKS In Real Life

10 Famous People Caught Being Jerks In Real Life

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We all have our moments the place we don’t precisely deal with robust conditions with the utmost grace and civility. However, when celebs dedicate a lot time, cash, and energy into crafting an ideal public persona, it may be surprising when tales of them behaving badly floor. Sure, some celebs have been arrested for large issues, however we’re speaking about extra benign, on a regular basis situations of simply being plain outdated jerks. It could possibly be sniping at a fellow star on social media, like anti-bullying advocate Demi Lovato, or reacting to a tense state of affairs by hurling insults and faking a being pregnant like Reese Witherspoon. At an award present the place she was to be honored, Emma Watson couldn’t appear to care much less as she confirmed up way over fashionably late, snubbed the crimson carpet, and ditched the afterparty completely. Of course, many of those stars will declare that their actions had been taken out of context, which was Ariana Grande’s excuse for her mixture donut licking spree and anti-American tirade. It seems, she’s simply actually obsessed with wholesome meals, so don’t fear! In addition to her magnificence, Angelina Jolie can also be identified for her humanitarian efforts, however it seems she isn’t all the time so form to her family members. Former staff allege she has a really completely different persona at house than the one we see in public. Sometimes celebrities attempt to pull rank to get particular therapy, however Liam Payne discovered the arduous approach that doesn’t work in all places.

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  1. TheRichest says

    Check out The Most Heavily Guarded Celebrity Mansions!

  2. Rulya Farley says

    You're caught being a jerk in every video you do tho.

  3. Dylan Saravinov says

    Mostly Taylor swift I actually was madly I love with her at one point but that plundered soon as I heard of her money grabbing extremely selfish Nature Didn't think that about the beautiful Taylor swift am super hurt by that 😭😥😥

  4. Jared Scott says

    He'll dude if I where famous I'd encourage people to take pictures with me and do fun shit with fans

  5. Twyla Bel says

    Super glad I don't see theses pathetic people in an everyday life. Be humble.. Help others.. Be kind. It's always beautiful.

  6. Kc N says

    How was it Jake Paul's fault he has fans

  7. sotz chan says

    Cheating on a card game?!
    Really bijj?!!! 😂😂😂

  8. Alexander Johnson says

    So many of these actions would be deemed little and not great if these people wouldnt stand in the public light

  9. Selena Marino says

    How is licking the donuts her way of expressing healthy eat? Bitch if you want to eat healthy don't be in a place that has a lot of unhealthy things in there

  10. Melita Aifeline says

    Taylor Swift doesn't make any money in this video, this video must be destroyed

  11. Josh Jones says

    Who the fuck cares they don't need to be nice to these savages

  12. Zack Ashby says

    It’s hilarious how jake Paul thinks he’ll be able to become a Marine. Kid would get right fucked out there lmaooo

  13. B R says

    Who is Demi Lavoto? And Justin is going to beg for fans when he is broke.

  14. AngelRasmus3 says

    'Demi Lovato generally has a good reputation' LOL really? She's stuck up and rude

  15. BigMonkeyGrip says

    I heard somewhere that Chevy Chase is allegedly a real dick to us "commoners."

  16. j. pershing says

    All of them. There's going to come a time when being a jerk is seriously going to backfire on them.

  17. CrashCookie 239 says

    One of my family friends worked at a very expensive country club and had helped MJ in the past. He said MJ talked down to him constantly, and was very selfish. Overall a jerk

  18. Makayla Serniotti says

    3:21 to be fair to Demi, Taylor totally deserved it. Taylor has a reputation for being a white feminist (which is not a good thing).

  19. dollilolli8 says

    They are jerks but most people are & celebs are in the public eye so everyone finds out

  20. bobmcsnark says

    "10 famous people being caught in a bad time and we have no idea what was going on in their life at the moment so we just assume they are jerks"

  21. A Msp Person Who Needs 10K Subs says

    Wanna play? Ok les play! 🙂
    The game would be would you rather!

    Would you rather..
    Be famous (but always have a hard time going in to public places) or be rich?

  22. Tina Flintstone says

    I don't know why I even started watching this video because I truly don't care about the personal lives of celebrities. They are nothing more than people hired to entertain us – just as waiters are hired to serve us, teachers hired to teach us, and taxi drivers are hired to drive us.

  23. Sev Vila says

    I dont get it why is emma considered a jerk?

  24. Cory says

    So why do we pay these idiots thousands of dollars.

  25. Ark Center says

    LoL taylor swift destroying people's cameras and comps for taking her pictures, I wish someone would try to barge into my home and destroy my property.

  26. Maya Rhoda says

    It's everynight sis with the Nickelodeon flow!!! JAKE IS AN ASSHOLE😊😊😊

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