Fails of the Week – JULY Week 1 – 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails Montage

“GREASE THAT PIG!” Another hilarious montage of the finest FAILS OF THE WEEK montage for JULY 2017. Weekly choice contains WOMAN RIDING A PIG INTO A POLE, diving board stomach flop, sliding down stair ends in tragedy, race boat flips over in water, treadmill face hit, trampoline backflip hits home, exercise fail, lady destroys air conditioner, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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  1. M3mph1s says

    @4:21 you have a video shot in landscape, that's turned vertical, and you added the useless sideblur associated with a vertical video. I don't understand that at all.

  2. c431inf 11b says

    First video in youtube history not click bait first video 👍

  3. Shaidyn says

    Okay, that little girl gymnast didn't fail, she just ran out of room for her insane backflips.

  4. Chris G. says

    5x Werbung bei 10min.?! Das ist scheisse

  5. matt welsh says

    Your "fails" are comparable to me accidentally stubbing my toe. Get some real content and not 10 minutes of filler.

  6. ciro8861 says

    oh man, her leg. i cant laugh at that

  7. John Dunbar says

    земля дегенератами, Земля дегенератами,Земля дегенератами полна…..

  8. Garth MustBark says

    Omg. Anyone else worry that the first girl, riding the hog, was gonna bust a tiddy?

  9. brandon coble says

    Anyone else getting really tired of the mass amounts of advertisements on youtube recently???

  10. Literatura BDSM says

    Retarded parents: please, stop throwing your children down the stairs. Comment sponsored by Common Sense.

  11. Elisa Irene says

    The Best Fails. Please don't upload videos that show any kind of animal cruelty. Just saying cause I've seen some mild things lately on your channel and it makes meh sad ☹️

  12. MrMCKlebeband says

    i read the comments while watching but i did not skip to 9:17 bc i wanned to let it surprise me… and boy was i surprised… someoneshotmepls

  13. Talok says

    @9:17 what did she say after the fall? I don't understand (i'm not native english speaking).
    WTF, why she's not wearing clothes and have little kid around !!!! But I laugh more by reading the comments !

  14. Hey Tavo says

    9:16 warning violent graphics and extreme gore viewers advised

  15. S B says

    3:25 LMFAO That laugh in the background makes it even better!

  16. RW Gaming says

    hy all , cek my channel to any fail compilations

  17. Donnie V. says

    That last chic was wanting to blame anyone but herself but realised it was all on her!

  18. Shannon Brewer says

    Their shape German llgxfo constantly district challenge purpose.

  19. pazuzu002 says

    Is there a sadistic motivation, to show every fith video with children having painfull accidents???

  20. Nath Aston says

    Hey Best Fails, you can use my Skyscraper climb footage in any of your vids – it's up on my channel 🙂

  21. SSK9s says

    Kids are just such fucking WHINGEY CUNTS of things !!
    And,,, fat people,,, just shouldn't !!
    @ 9.17 – Oh man,,, that was sooo bad – poor bugger !

  22. Seth Ride says

    I feel sorry for who ever has to clean all that glass

  23. cleav says

    why would you do that to a pig

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