Fails of the Week – AUGUST Week 3 – 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails

“I’m stuck and I have to pee!”

Another hilarious montage of the finest viral movies and FAILS OF THE WEEK for AUGUST 2017. Weekly choice features a dad crashing his hoverboard, gymnastic woman face crops, boy breaks exercise machine in retailer, magic trick gone unsuitable, teen falls out of swing set, cannon hearth gone unsuitable, damaged porch swing, man crashes scooter into the fence, distracted driver goes off street, child fails, woman fails, accident outtakes and humorous moments caught on tape and extra!

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  1. Daan Janssens says

    Busy file pound community content bury around announce man number founder draw

  2. Ralph Bernhard says

    Observation 1: none of this has ever happened to me
    Observation 2: I have such a boring life
    Observation 3: I've still got all my teeth

  3. Samya Canody says

    When the dad falls off his hoverboard at 1:43
    Girl- "Did you get that on video?"
    Dad-Well fuck it, I guess no one cares if I'm hurt or not.

  4. Gehtdi anschasau says

    Why the fuck are most of the clip vertical? I have never seen a human with their 2 eyes above each other.

  5. xXInkxMachineXx says

    the girl with the biscuit was the only one that made me laugh. XD

  6. dnl machine says

    How did you get Tony Shaloub/Ray Romanos brother to not only ride a hoverboard, but fall and cover up their cracked hip so effectively?

    Stay gold.

  7. Frank Bowman says

    Every time I watch these compilations, I'm always afraid that I'm going to see someone do a Jeff Hunter/Chris Reeve thing to their neck. Seriously, when your entire body weight drops onto your neck, how do you NOT die or paralyze yourself? Is this proof of the existence of "Luck" as an actual physical force, such as electromagnetism?

  8. JAKIXD says

    But becouse the people after fail say i got a video IM ITALIAN

  9. Jacob R says

    4:40– so one of the glasses of wine I had potentially could have had that lady's ass in it?

  10. Pro Pretzel says

    Quick like this comment before it sinks in the ocean 🌊 of comments

  11. Pro Pretzel says

    At 0:26 that moment when you realise your fucked up 😦😦😦😦😦😵😵😵😵
    A minute of silence 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  12. Captain Awesome says

    i hope that wasnt a twinkie that sounded like a brick when it hit the floor

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