Eric Shawn studies: Iran vs. Israel

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon on the rising menace from Tehran

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  1. theylied1776 says

    Why has the Trump Administration ignored this threat on the Israeli border for over a year now? Trump can try to take credit for running Isis off but why is he doing nothing about the hundred thousand Iranian militia members in Syria? Why is Trump doing nothing about the 6,000 Iranian troops in Iraq?

  2. Smart Trump Supporter says

    Isra heil has been violating Syria's sovereignty for years, they have no right to whine about Syria(not Iran you liar) fighting back. They have a right to shoot down any foreign non Russian plane violating their airspace.

  3. Choose Life says

    Annihilation of a country like Iran could be good PR. Immense decorum worldwide.

  4. Self Thinker says

    I'm not sure exactly what is taking place yet strongly suspect it has much too do with globalists attempts dominate the world. Israel had always been our closest ally before going against the UN in order defend it's self. So should we go against with need defend our nation would they do same? Undoubtedly!

  5. Spam Sandwich says

    The zionist stronghold in the holyland must be destroyed once again i'm afraid.. they are becoming quite uppity.. & most troublesome.

  6. Lowell Williamson says

    Iran = suicide bombers, trucks into crowds, stabbings, shootings, etc. then acting like victims when Israel and the US fight back.

  7. Angelita Sandoval says

    Not a false attack, since Israel became a nation the Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan have attacked Israel, but it seems that rocket man is not the only one who wants war. We have dictators around the world trying to out do and destroy us, never say never.

  8. Court says

    🇮🇷👍🏾 – 🇮🇱🖕🏾

  9. liagog says

    netanyahoo needs a distraction from his corruption allegations…
    besides, israel has been bombing syria for 7 years….
    good for syria in downing that bomber…..

  10. nelson 100 says

    Israel is using the US to fight its Wars as well as receiving billions of US tax dollars every year.


    I think it's a false flag attack Israel desperately wants World War 3

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