Eric Shawn studies: Gen. Flynn & the Israel UN vote

Former Ambassador Dan Gillerman says give him a medal, not and indictment.

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  1. Avirosb says

    Why does Fox keep defending Democrat Flynn?

  2. slk25724 says

    Trump is screwed. Time to get off the train.

  3. Balky Butakomus says

    If Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI, then urged Comey to not pursue Flynn,
    then fired Comey for pursuing Flynn, did Trump obstruct justice?

  4. John Grytbakk says

    and he was destroyed for having gone against King Hussein. …isn't that what happened?

  5. Eyehayt Apricots says

    Who knew the tears of traitors could be so delicious. MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested

  6. Kimett Geist says

    This whole thing is a disgusting shame! Our judicial system is totally dysfunctional.

  7. Larry Guess says

    If we just have one administration at a time as Obama claimed. Obama needs to sit down and shut up instead of going around the world trying to undermine Trump's agenda.

  8. Larry Guess says

    Even if Kushner did this, there is absolutely nothing illegal about it. Especially if there was nothing illegal about Obama saying 'tell Putin I will have more flexibility after the election.'
    It is not illegal for campaign officials, much less transitional team officials, telling foreign leaders what policies they plan to pursue.

  9. linda clark says

    Michael Flynn should still be on Trump's team, instead of the Islamic apologist we have now.

  10. jo phoenix says

    Flynn was told to work for ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS FOR ISRAEL we voted for America First with Trump not another Israel First we know the risk and we were wrong Israel is First as usual, the middle class who voted for Trump no longer care if he is impeached, Israel has lots of Illegal real estate for him to sale if the entire middle east doesn't attack Israel first….

  11. Mike R. says

    Remember that time Israel attacked an American naval vessel? Or the many times that we've caught them spying on us?

  12. Mike R. says

    We should have a new game called Trump Administration Indictment Bingo.

  13. monkeygraborange says

    not "an" indictment. Aren't you goddamned people in the information business?

  14. trollbot east says

    russians hate the United Nations because they want to run their thugocracy

  15. Blazing Dumpster says

    This is another big fat nothing burger. Kushner should take the fall and shield Trump. Case closed. Trump knew nothing and knows nothing. I mean nothing about the conspiracy.

  16. Kor Kalba says

    Eric shawn and Arthel should take there asses to CNN where they belong!

  17. Cynthia Pittman says

    AGREE most shameful ACT ,. YET Multi ACTS shamefully Horrific as OBARISOE took his steps out of office. This FRAUD Packed it to do most DAMAGE To USA And HUMANITY 🌎

  18. David McGee says

    The media has been speculating that I fired Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon – FAKE NEWS! He’s not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects, (I call the final shots) we work well together and America is highly respected again!

  19. it's HAYl3yyy!!!! says

    How do republicans keep their breath fresh? 🤔🤔
    With entitle mints 😄😄😄😄😆😆😀

  20. Carolyn Nigro says

    – cmon ISRAEL do us a solid – have Mossad take out Mueller already

  21. John O'Connell says

    Flynn stops WW3 and we try to hang him. WTF! Where is Obama right now. He’s running around the world talking to foreign governments trying to convince them to go against President Trump and the American people. Free Flynn NOW!

  22. ThrummerOfLove says

    Flynn's cooperation is happening under duress. A confessed liar put under threat, including to his Son. What could go awry?

  23. Drewtazy says

    the UN is the most useless organization ever formed.

  24. Ramiro Ramos says

    What should I say I'm atheist I'm enjoying from Alaska I understand 10 languages but I'm trying to understand 8 I believe nothing but money

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