Eric Shawn reviews: ‘Fixing’ the Iran nuclear deal

Jonathan Schanzer on what President Trump might change

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  1. MORI says

    Ok my browser is not working even with a vpn on.they took it off
    I wonder why youtube still works with a vpn

  2. Anthony D says

    Trump gets daily intelligence briefings? How?

  3. caligirl says

    OK, that's fine! US can exclude itself from Iran Deal! The world will survive without US. I campaigned for Iran-Deal, but that was a mistake, Iran would be in more powerful situation without the deal. Some countries should not be trusted!

  4. nelson 100 says

    USA is revealing to the world they cannot be trusted in any deals they do.. Iran IS complying and evidence proves it..
    and now US is trying to blackmail the world into agreement.. Threatening sanctions only weakens them.. and these usual tactics are already moving the world away from the dollar.

  5. WIDave0311 says

    At 5:50,
    Are we going to airdrop food and medical supplies into Iran? Maybe we've got friends in Europe to help? How many planes over Iran is perceived as hostile? Any form of terrorism anywhere, the mullahs loose a privacy pass. Planes Galore!

  6. Noneshere says

    Nuclear is the secure power of the future but not for Iran? Im sure Iran can profit more on reactors then just making bombs.JewSA needs to quit trying that culture. China's got a military base in Pakistan. Iran can easily turn to them for the knowledge.

  7. Susan Diane Howell says

    Why do I get the impression that someone wanted to pass uranium around like gasoline and then light a match?

  8. obicapa says

    alot of European countries are LEFT they are not our friends and they are committing suicide by importing mass immigrants

  9. Jeff Zad says

    This guy always sounds like begin the people to hate Iranian government.

  10. Camelot Aquarius says

    It's the Ayatollah of rock and rolla.. as cold as it is in America we sure could use some of those neat hats. Between that and the stolen tablecloths that the prince of sodomite Arabia wears. Somewhere there is a country kitchen missing several tablecloths of the red and white checkers

  11. Qinby 1 says

    I want to scrap this crappy deal since it will expire in 10 years…What??
    They have never built a bomb….
    Only thing that happens if the US put sanctions on Iran… BOEING will lose their 80 747 order to Airbus instead.
    Really delusional nobody will follow the US regarding sanction except Israel and Micronesia I doubt Iran cares.
    Would probably make Russia happy though, the US keep pushing countries away….. and the US once again shows it can not be trusted.
    Who would ever bother making an agreement with the US ever again.

  12. Mike R. says

    In other news, Trump has shut down his phoney voter integrity commission.

  13. Mike R. says

    How small of a man is Donald Trump: In a speech to Boy Scouts he goes on a rant about the parties he attended in the 80s, and in a speech to the CIA he goes on a rambling speech about how many times he's been in the cover of Time.

  14. Vander valid says

    There is no fixing! obama gave them a ton of money that we cant get back!

  15. JJ Hart says

    What seems funny is that the top aids to both obama and Clinton were Muslims. Obamas was Iranian. Then the deal with Iran and the coziness of the democrats to Islam. Both groups are totalitarian in nature and violent. The one world order they are striving for is sharia.

  16. Ta-mater says

    When Iran bombs us they will come over and take over what's left of America and make it a Muslim country!

  17. Ta-mater says

    Personally I think we should get completely out of that Iran nuclear deal! they are liars they are cheats! they hate us and they're going to bomb us when they get a bomb!

  18. Unga Bunga says

    What obama made a bad deal? and there's always some obama zombie that says the pallets of cash that were delivered like a thief in the night was irans money blah blah blah, and the US could have said no or just screwed them like the Clinton foundation screwed Haiti, lord knows they had no plan on keeping to the agreement.

  19. Günther Lehmann says

    The first constructive debate about the Iran deal on American News. Yes, the EU will not follow the USA in their efforts to change a deal the hard way. If Trump think he can sacrifice the US diplomatic reputation , good for him, but you will not see the EU move one inch in this. This is not about Iran, it is the against fundamental principies of the EU. India ignore the sanction because they want an Iranian Gaspipline, China will ignore it too and will fill the space that the USA and the EU will create. How will do a deal with the USA and EU again, if their is no trust left in this two partners.

  20. Warren Eisenburg says

    Take these dessert NIGGERS out. It's that simple. Fuck the OBUMBER agreement

  21. Elvis boycott israeli products says

    Fox, you know that we see into your games?
    First "democracy"… as excuse to cheat on nuclear deal…
    Not very subtle mind tricks… 😉 you look for excuses to cheat.
    The whole planet is in favor of that deal. Another 128 vs 7 condemnation is what you want to humiliate Nikki Haley once again…? Boy who cried wolf means for US to lose all credibility for when it would be really vital. Stop these games to please the chosen people.

  22. Emps Help says

    soon some one pops ups the 150billion let me tel you this, it was irans own money that was in frozen assets! your tax payers money goes to israel.

  23. Paul Charles says


  24. Jeremy Parsons says

    You mean how do we fix Obama's 2 billion dollars he gave them for weapons

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