Eric Shawn experiences: Hope amid the carnage

Amb. Dennis Ross on what is required to defeat Islamic terrorism

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  1. Sennie White says

    let's put conspiracy theories aside and realize that there is a war being waged by radical Islamic terrorists

  2. Hybrid InfoDesk says

    White Americans out keeping the Rothschild family in antifa, blm, and jdl money by buying their favorite illuminati devices from Apple. Their pre-crime division and low frequency wave mk ultra devices. Next white person to be dialed into and mass murder, go off in 1, 2, 3…

  3. USA First says

    TRUMP! Keep them the fuck out. USA FIRST MOTHER FUCKER! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. John Doe says

    The Bush administration and their Zionist Jew friends did 9/11 and started this holy War with Islamist militants

  5. Recordbreaker14 says

    If you are a white female and voted for that anti white Mandingo Barry or that evil racist anti white woman than I hope your lovely dindu nuffin boyfriend increases his chimpouts to 6 times per day you stanky degenerate, self loathing, decadent, self destructive, blackcockworshiping, rapefugeeloving hoe. I hope your capuccino darkies join Crip gangbangers and experience daily driveby's you self loathing Mandingospear worshiping hoez. TRUMP MAGA GOP, say NO to mudsharkery

  6. Bacatruth says

    There is no perversion of a religion. The Koran clearly states to kill all apostates.

  7. Ash Ravenwood says

    Who cares for as long as they keep that bullshit in the middle east

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