EPIC FAILS! MAY 2017 Week 3 | Funny Fail Compilation – The Best Fails

Brand new weekly montage of probably the most EPIC FAILS of MAY 2017. Selection embody human Tetris, dancing woman falls in a puddle, beer slingshot backfires, epic skateboard nut shot, trampoline flip fails, fool falls dancing on a treadmill, crane crashes a constructing, college fails and extra viral clips, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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  1. Sammy Sam says

    The one with the crocodile or alligator, he should be lucky he lift with his life. Don't fuck with an animal that has only two purposes in life. Mating and Killing

  2. David Bassham says

    the fuckin retard in the electric chair was just fuckin weird

  3. Kyle Craig says

    Says from 2017 yet all videos are from the start of time…

  4. Fly Tye says

    That girl that pushed her face into the cake …….she was a dick

  5. dfgdfgsdf100 says

    sorry but i believe your channel has turned to a pile of crap. good day

  6. CocVlogs Videos says

    Like and share this link and Subscribe on my Youtube channel and get a subcribe back 😊😉

  7. Nathan R. Rohde says

    thumbs down to any video with the fat white guy with a beard. puposefull harming yourself to get on videos is pathetic.

  8. TheDrakenZ says

    The first video was a fucking win, accomplished exactly what he wanted… and repeating videos in the same video. You should feature yourselves for your fails hahah

  9. Paco_bl says

    0:35 "wear ear protection cause the impact on my chest will be loud as hell"

  10. Stratos says

    Yep its final..
    Murica has the stupidest inhabitants..

  11. Lotus says

    whats name It's last vídeo

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