EPIC FAILS! MAY 2017 Week 1 | Funny Fail Compilation – The Best Fails

Brand new weekly compilation of essentially the most EPIC FAILS of MAY 2017. Selection embrace a biker crashing right into a sinkhole, skater will get destroyed by ledge, child throw toy piano on brother, woman chokes on a dandelion, zip line man slams into water, women cliff dive stomach flop, sliding in a field down the steps, parkour fails and extra viral clips, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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  1. Sam Merchant says

    Funny when you see people do crap like this and get theirself hurt to be put online

  2. Ivonne Caballero says


  3. -ERROR- says

    Там русские были))

  4. Balls Big says

    1:45 did this video make anyone blink or scare anyone when the ball hit?

  5. Carleigh Smith says

    that kid at 5:29 he was like, ok i'm out and i'm and i'm taking these goldfish 😂

  6. Vilde VE says

    I flinched when the vall hit the camera omg

  7. WebKIV says

    PS4 GIVEAWAY on my channel! Don't miss out!

  8. OfficialHity says

    Little dude with the spiked helmet almost nailed it lol

  9. EXILEO says

    but you named your child burger?

  10. hanarnie:') says

    I always watch these fail vids whenever I'm sad. It makes me happy to know that even tho life may suck, at least I'm not one of these idiots 😀

  11. Redmudbunny says

    People this stupid shouldn't exist…I wish I was never a part of the human race

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