EPIC FAILS! APRIL 2017 Week 4 | Funny Fail Compilation – The Best Fails

Brand new weekly compilation of probably the most EPIC FAILS of April 2017. Selection embrace a biker crashing right into a sinkhole, skater will get destroyed by ledge, child throw toy piano on brother, lady chokes on a dandelion, zip line man slams into water, women cliff dive stomach flop, sliding in a field down the steps, parkour fails and extra viral clips, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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  1. adalberto martinez says


  2. Harley Minerson says

    was dat rage with da glasses and hit his head on the stair and said parkour is my life

  3. Ludvig Moen says

    Identification block norm day motion interview okay terror tower ten.

  4. shane thomas says

    last clip wasn't that steep, guy must of had butter on his shoes

  5. Anon Wibble says

    8m50s cute, and good with kids, the ideal woman <3

  6. Anon Wibble says

    Bike fails are homosexual, can we have something else pls?

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