Environment minister tells Rebel Media reporter to stop calling her ‘Climate Barbie’

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna pounced on a Rebel Media reporter on the closing information convention of the atmosphere ministers’ assembly in Vancouver on Friday demanding his group stop calling her ‘Climate Barbie.’
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  1. Jack Duff says

    She has 2 daughters I assume she is implying that they will be going into politics just like her? This is what needs to stop!! Passing the political rains down from one family member to the next as if it were a family business.

  2. I'm A Individualist says

    You are in the wrong business lady. What happened to "Sticks and stones may break my bones…" Ever tell that one to your daughters?

  3. Casanova Frankenstein says

    What if a man was standing in the place of Minister McKenna and made the same comments to the Rebel reporter? As it turns out a woman on the Rebel Media site coined "climate barbie".

    Politics and political journalism is all about smoke and mirrors and manipulating the narrative. If you believe everything Rebel Media says you're a moron just like you're a moron for believing everything from the CBC. This BS has been going on for a long time.

  4. True North Strong says

    Wow! The biggest promotion for Rebel Media ever, thanks to Climate Barbie!

  5. Eva Gabor says

    She doesn't let it go. SHE should be flattered. Because she is not even close to Barbie, other than hair colour.

  6. altair says

    Oh,from now I will call her only Climate Barbie.

  7. MSi Razer says

    Ahhh yes, the oil funded rebel media and the midgets who follow them.  Sad.

  8. Brian in Ontario says

    Climate Barbie , typical Liberal , she cannot handle name calling, she reminds me of this girl that i use to pick on in school and i call her a few names and she turn around each time and say "I'm Telling on you " Climate Barbie reminds me ofd this girl i once picked on .

  9. Vikash Bhalla says

    I think climate barbie is a great nickname, best way to deal with fox news, i mean rebel media is to own it.

  10. Reagan Pup says

    Rebel Media is absolute Trash. I hope they go out of business soon since all their all star entertainers have left. Notice I don't call them journalists.

  11. Andrew Croxford says

    I would like a commitment that you will not call me names, will not comment on the color of my hair….. basically the entire MSM and alternative liberal media covering Donald trump for the last 18 months.

  12. dany tall says

    Climate Barbie is a compliment! She is a woman therefore Barbie, if a man therefore Ken. That woman doesn't know want she wants. No logic at all!

  13. Brad W says

    Climate Barbie must know who she is. Anyone that triggered must fear she is what she is called.

  14. skipstah70 says

    Hey look… It's Climate Barbie! lol Get a grip Catherine McKenna, you better grow thicker skin than that… you're in public life now! If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  15. seahawk528 says

    He didn't seem to care what his colleagues were calling her, so, Media Guy, I do assume you'll treat her no different than you would any female you have respect for. Name calling is the bullying cause of a lot of youthful suicides. Check you manners, or they will ban you deservedly.

  16. Gerald Bull says

    Climate Barbie. Climate Barbie… CLIMATE BARBIEEE!!!! Muuuuuhaahahahhaha. Jeez what a crybaby!

  17. Ned Paj says

    Looks like she is wants to turn that Barbie thing into her political advantage and scores with women.
    How shallow is that, hey..

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