Editor fired after criticizing 3rd gender option on licenses

Denis Finley was an editor on the Burlington Free Press till he publicly tweeted criticism of a Vermont proposal to create a 3rd gender option for drivers’ licenses. #Tucker

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  1. JC Mac says

    What a bunch of silly shitholes.

  2. Ian Stradian says

    Is it just me or does the reporter from Vermont seem somehow… slightly medicated?
    He almost has a monotone speech pattern.

  3. David Carpenter says

    We are probably in the early stages of civil war in America. No toleration of either side by the other can be expected. It is sometimes less reflexive for the right to stomp down leftists with the kind of ruthlessness they routinely use against us. We tend to believe in free speech more genuinely than the new fascist left. However, we need to start fighting back and retaliating, whenever and wherever possible. #NoQuarter

  4. caroyln ankrum says

    The left just wants to confuse and make our children depressed about sexual identity. There are two sexes: male and female. I haven't heard nor seen photos in textbooks of any third sexual organs. There is no third sex so don't confuse the young.

  5. The Joker says

    Newsflash retarded people there are 2 genders! Male and female! Men have a penis women have a vagina! Period! Anything else is a mental sick disease in their retarded heads! Period! Women should be familiar with that one right? Period!?

  6. A MG says

    So, if you have a multiple personality disorder… Why is that a mental disorder that needs treated to eliminate the other personalities till the favored one by others is kept?

    The common scenario here is that transgender people think they have an alternate being inside themselves and try to eliminate one to get the other.

    A person with a multiple personality disorder can have a variety of personalities, and the personality can be of the opposite sex.

  7. Igor Uvarov says

    Barack Obama reaffirmed his love of country, telling the nation, “I love America—even its idiots.”

  8. InGenSan says

    Thank God i have no such bullshit in my hard ass country. Tho whole left european union hates us for that. And about the gender. In next 100 years maybe more doctors will find an answer what went wrong in individual mind that he or she does not feal right about their gender. Till that time we can not say its psyhological problem. We have to say its the third or fourth sex. Offcors plastic surgeons are happy about that identyty crissis. More customers.

  9. Igor Uvarov says

    my relatives are Homosexuals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello everyone from homophobic from cold Siberia!!!!!! I'm very happy for you . continue it's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. micki b says

    Two genders, period(male & female). A third gender is just a state of mind not a physical identity. I applaud this mans courage for asking the obvious.

  11. Sunshyne07 Fl says

    It shouldn't be Mr or Mrs x..it should be MI for mentally ill..if you don't know what or who you are then you have mental issues

  12. Dave Brewer says

    You give in a little to the Left . And they will just keep getting more extreme . If you allow more than 2 Genders ? The Left will now say that there are 20 different Genders . Next there will be 40 and so on . It never ends .

  13. James Donaldson says

    There is male or female dummies! Doesnt matter what procedure you go through becauase your still male or female with a costume

  14. Allen Hu says

    The firing violated law.The editor could sue and ask  for pensation.This is the bad consequence of so-called political correct .

  15. Eric Jensen says

    Let's re-write the title ok.. "Editor fired for favoring Science instead of Mental Illness"

  16. Victor Magnus says

    We are being forced to play-along with people's delusions, their fantasies, their role-playing… And if we do not want to play along, we risk being destroyed. Accept the lie, or be destroyed. It is despicable that we are now at risk of even violating the law, going to jail or being fined, for not wanting to call a biological female, a she, or a biological male, a he – and must pretend to be okay with lies and deceptions of pretend girls and boys, or pretend cats, or 40+ year old men pretending to be little girls, etc…etc. WTF!!!!?????

  17. Johan Kotze says

    Yes, there should be three sex designations. Male. Female. Pervert.

  18. Alexander Canovas says

    It's not so much that they have the numbers. It's more that the numbers they have are all taught that they have the 'moral' right to scream louder and longer about their "rights" and their "truth" (to take a phrase from "our next president, Oprah). It's really scary that we have arrived at this point in our country. Never before, even in the worst manifestations of racial tensions in our country, had anyone experienced the type of oppression that the vast majority suffers today at the hands of a fairly small but far to vocal left and SJW with their political correctness, constantly pushing the limits of what our society will tolerate. I hope that we are seeing the beginnings of a push back that will force these thugs and idiots back under the rock from which they slithered. Then it will be their like who are cowed and afraid to spout their nonsense for fear of social backlash. It would be long overdue for the tables to turn. God knows, the rest of us have had to put up with this bullying from the left for far too long.

  19. Lou G says

    There is no 3rd gender period. Get over it libtards a pervert is a pervert.

  20. 2xcrzkxk says

    This is why communism is evil. It's not just the equality trumps quality, it's the thought police & the holding back of ideas & speech & freedoms for some ideal that ends up becoming a nightmare.

  21. KLH1966 says

    3rd gender, BULL FUCKING SHIT. . Male or Female. Plain and simple. Nothing more then libatard bull shit.

  22. Omega Juicer says

    Homosexuals are taking away from us our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If the Homosexual Tyrants are not stopped like we stopped Hitler, …the Homosexuals will be sending Heterosexuals to death camps.

  23. RB Forex Coach says

    The Left have taken over the government in Australia too.Today they have removed all gender references on driving licences.

  24. Shawn Begley says

    You mean fired for freedom of speech !!!,,,,😎👑☝️🏹💀🗡😈

  25. Jucad vgv says

    and so, this "free press" publication fires it's editor for free speach?!? whoa!

  26. Will Will says


  27. Dennis Walker says


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