Drink One Glass Of Water To Cure Diabetes In 8 Days

Drink One Glass Of Water To Cure Diabetes In 8 Days

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Today I’m Going To Show You , How To Cure Diabetes by Using Vijasar Water , Water Therapy Is Cure Diabetes

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  1. FOOK TRUMP says


  2. Ron A Mcsmith says

    All I hear is talk and more talk. Nothing concrete. Any truth or just lies!!

  3. Michael Graham says

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  4. Jane Mircevski says

    hi guys, interested in treating diabetes the greatest success that i've had is called the Diabetes Crusher Tactic (i found it on google) definately the most useful course that I've used.

  5. Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav says

    "polyunsaturated Toxic fats"
    In the 1940s, the agricultural chemists found that they could fatten their animals faster if they poisoned their metabolic systems with an anti-thyroid drug. The found the animals would get fat on very little food. Yet, the drug turned out to leave a carcinogenic residue in the meat.
    Farmers soon found out that corn and soybeans containing polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) would do the same as the anti-thyroid drugs and suppress the respiration of the animals and make them get fat on very little food. In the process they found that they were getting these yellow-fat diseases and brain degenerations (degeneration of the gonads, infertility, and so on).

    Around the same time the medical people noticed that the cholesterol was lowered in the process of eating a lot of these polyunsaturated fats. And that led to the spreading of the marketing of unsaturated fats to the human food supply, rather than just for the fattening of farm animals. And since people didn't want to gain weight on the least amount of food, they needed a new reason for selling their fats to humans. And, lowering cholesterol became the excuse in humans.

    But the agriculturists knew all through the 1940s that corn and soy oils were very fattening, and eventually, very toxic. But since they sold their animals as soon as they reached a marketable size, they didn't care (if they died later; they were killing them before they had the chance to die of the degenerative diseases)." -RP

    Bottom line: Although,the polyunsaturated fats will lower cholesterol (by suppressing the immune system), one of their main functions is to fatten animals, including you if you consume them, on lower calories. This is why farmers use high polyunsaturated fats foods like corn and soy to fatten their animals.
    What foods are high in polyunsaturated oils ? Vegetables, seed and nut oils. Nuts, seeds, soy, corn, fatty fish like salmon, omega 3 and 6 oils, fish oil, and animals that are fed a high polyunsaturated diet .

    …..How to stay healthy , eat organic ,eat citrus fruits , take 2 spoons of collagen gelatin every day best brand is called Great lakes Gelitin (hydrolysate Gelatin) from grass fed cows . do not suntan , but go in the sun we need natural Vitamin D . drink water with lemon every day and take 2 grams of vitamin C .Sleep 10 hours , go to bed no later than 10:00pm sleep makes you lose weight , keep you immune system healthy and your skin radiant . lift light weights 3 times a week and eat a low carb diet ,no pasta , no bread , no junk food , no peanut butter ,….. polysaturated fats are toxic they slow down your thyroid you gain weight and also they put plaque in your arteries ! stay away from toxic oils and fats !!!!, no safflower oils , no corn oil , no nuts , no fish oils ,soybean oil, sunflower oil, no peanut butter they contain polysaturated oils ,.fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring and trout are very high in toxic polysaturated fats.All nuts are contain rancid saturated oils
    Best oil is cold pressed "Coconut oil" and extra Olive oil . also coconut oil is good for the skin as a sun blocker .Drink filter pure water .Eat a raw organic carrot a day to detox your liver . Do your own research .
    This book by Kate Deering has great information on polysaturated oils , she also has many article about health on her website and her Facebook account check it out ;

  6. la bodega says

    hello friends where we can find tumbler root for the diabetes and

  7. Mksiraj Tayyub says

    tq for showing us such a wonderful videos by this we can able to cure others disease also

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