Donovan Mitchell’s Major Putback Hammer! | Oct. 28, 2017

Check out the Utah Jazz’s rookie Donovan Mitchell throw down one in every of many nastiest putback hammer of the season in direction of the Los Angeles Lakers!!!

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  1. Tuna Mert says

    NBA plz make a video for Furkan Korkmaz or cedi Osman

  2. carzel21 says

    All the young lakers ball watching instead of boxing out
    Elementary skills not shown
    Allowed that dunk too happen

  3. TheCrower77 says

    What are the rookies this year? all hyped ones havent been all that and the non hyped ones have been blowing us away

  4. Stabilizin says

    lmao why did the camera angles get worse the more they replayed yall got 100s of cameras and choose the worst angles at normal speed

  5. The King says

    Reminds me of shumpert's putback in the 2013 playoffs

  6. Franny Becker says

    ✨??✨Adoro este canal é bom D+++++ já estou inscrita no seu canal
    Olá Amores ✨?✨ Se você tem uma pessoa especial que merece ser homenageada, marque nesse vídeo. Canção dedicada ao amor em plenitude. (( O Que Fazer )) Franny ? ?

  7. Jayweather says

    we all know dunks of the year come from lebron during playoffs yea

  8. Sid Tay says

    few games in and this is the dunk of the year ?? wow stupid

  9. ML10040311 says

    This was one of the cleanest putback dunks ever

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