Dodgeball archery hybrid hits bullseye in Georgia gym

For the primary time in US historical past Archery Attack, the favored worldwide sport that mixes dodgeball, paintball and archery, is zipping its method throughout the globe and hitting its latest goal in a Georgia gym

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  1. Kirbae says

    I have to be honest this looks fun as hell

  2. Flash Gordon says

    Liberals will find a reason to shut this down, saying it’s racist to shoot arrows at minority’s.

  3. Jonokai says

    Won't be long until this is BANNED since it might teach positive morals and maybe give kids a few bruises…. Because kids can't handle bruises. /sarcasm.

  4. Noneshere says

    No thanks, my cheesy 68cal tipman 98 paintball pipe is much more fun. Theres nothing like seeing the agony of shooting your opponent in the trigger finger : )))

  5. A Dohmnail says

    Make those arrows flaming and I will pay attention until then back to curling. Fuck sportsball

  6. Recordbreaker14 says

    Too many Mandingo's here. Expect race riots and chimping out very soon. Avoid this place like you would avoid Ebola. TRUMP

  7. CanMan1000 says

    Would hurt if you got shot below the belt !

  8. E Johnson says

    So you can use your mask as a shield to prevent ejection

  9. dAn says

    Accidents waiting to be happened.

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