DIY Hygiene Hacks (DIY Deodorant, Shave Cream & Shampoo)

Hey guys!! I needed to strive a number of extra DIY’s for todays video. If you want these, give this video a thumbs up so I do know which movies to create extra of. Thanks one million for stopping by my channel & watching my movies… It means loads! =) xo

DIY Deodorant

Melt 2 half Tbsp unrefined coconut oil and a pair of half Tbsp unrefined shea butter in a double boiler. Once melted, add in 1/four cup arrowroot starch and a pair of Tbsp baking soda.
Add 6 drops lavender important oil, 6 drops grapefruit important oil, and a pair of drops tea tree important oil.

Place in a small jar and permit to chill till stable
Remove from fridge.Wet underarms barely.
Spoon out a pea-sized quantity with a wood applicator rub between fingers earlier than making use of on to underarms.

DIY Coconut Shampoo Rinse

Dissolve 2 Tbsp uncooked honey into 1 ½ cups of sizzling water.
Add ⅓ cup Almond Castile Soap, 1 tsp.Coconut Oil, 1 ½ cups Coconut Milk. Pour into shampoo bottle.
Shampoo into scalp for a number of minutes.

DIY Whipped Shaving Cream

Add within the half cup of coconut oil and half cup shea butter in a double boiler. Once melted, switch to bowl and stir within the 1/four cup olive oil.
Put in fridge till stable.

Once solidified, switch to the stand mixer bowl (or use a hand mixer and depart it in the identical bowl) and whip for about three minutes, or till stiff peaks kind. Add the Eucalyptus important oil.
Transfer to an hermetic jar. Use applicator stick with switch to fingers.
Rub onto legs. Shave.









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  1. kriya krisau says

    yeah di.
    u r doing well it's amazing..
    I never missed ur videos….

  2. Luna Dayanna says

    I just shaved and showered and I just came for the shave cream. Lol 😂 but I love you Rachel you are my favorite YouTuber! I feel like your DIYs work better than store bought products!! You are the best 🌹❤️😱😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    •xoxo, Luna•

  3. Tracy Dilmore says

    I tried the shaving and fell in love with it instantly so I made some for my daughter needless to say we don't buy over the counter shaving cream anymore

  4. red head says

    Reachel Talbott what age do you think its ok to shave your legs

  5. Alayna Streeter says

    So I've been watching this channel for months now and I wanted to see the older videos she had. I was looking through and found this one and was so happy because this is the first video I ever watched by her. I love this video so much. I'm so glad I found her channel because she makes me want to take a spa day every once in a while.

  6. Aleshia Otieno says

    How am I just now cluing in that Byron Talbott is your husband :') , that is awesome I love both of your channels!

  7. barbiturica says

    Hi Rachel, thank you so much for your videos. I wanted to ask if you know why this deodorant doesn't work for me. I am not a regular sweaty person and when I started using this one my armpit smelled really bad a few hours later. And it also stains my tshirts. I don't think I made it wrong, can you help me?

  8. BeautyOnABudget says

    Do you still use these? Would love to know if you still find them effective

  9. skyfall says

    what is the benifit of arrowroot starch and what can i use instead ot ..???

  10. Neha Raval says

    hi Rachel, m gonna be making shaving cream what you showed up here,need a quick favour what quantity I should use of all products if I ordered Shea butter of 250 ml….n how many days the butter lasts ???


  11. absoluth0ney says

    hello, this is such an inspirational video. going to try these great ideas. i also love your outfits ! can you do a clothing haul video? thanks alot! new subscriber:)

  12. Dona Joe says

    Now I am 13 .going to 14 on this 18th March .
    I started watching her videos ,when I was 11:) 🙂

  13. Diana Lucio says

    I have a question… When using shaving cream and other body scrubs you make and use .. Which I'm a huge fan of … Does the oil or coffee or oatmeal grains ever clog your drains ?

  14. dxcreepa says

    How long does the coconut rinse last?

  15. Gayatri Nayak says

    I really like your skincare DIY's and routine. Currently you are also uploading home decor ideas. I love your videos. I literally follow you everywhere. Thankyou for your videos. 😊 I hope one day I'll be able to try out all of your home DIY's and also skincare ones.

  16. farah insyirah says

    Can i use olive oil instead of coconut oil?? Bcs its difficult to find coconut oil in my country 🙁

  17. sab rina says

    i just found you and i just fell in love with you omg how come i didn't find out about you before <3 <3 <3 <3 subscribed <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. sea bunny says

    This deodorant recipe really does work! However, after a couple of weeks using it, I've started getting a rash. I think it's from the baking soda. Is there any way to combat this without compromising the recipe's effectiveness?

  19. Kim James says

    Hi Rachel. Where do you buy and what shea butter are you using please. kim x

  20. orchidsmith1 says

    If you add a pinch of sea salt to a cup of the shampoo recipe it thickens up to look more like traditional shampoo.

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