DIY Cleaning HACKS + Easy Spring Decor

It’s time for the spring cleansing to start. I get very motivated to get every thing so as this time of yr, particularly after the hustle and bustle of the loopy holidays. I needed to start out with some DIY cleansing options & share just a few of the pure decor concepts I have been including to carry a pop of spring into our home. I’ll do some extra cleansing/ organizing movies quickly!!

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All Purpose Cleanser
three/four Cup Water
1/four Cup Rubbing Alcohol
5-Eight Drops Lemon Essential Oil (or Peppermint, or Orange)
Several Drops Natural Dish Soap

Mild Mold & Mildew Remover (I made a really small batch)
1 Cup Water
1 Teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
1/four Cup Baking Soda

Stove Top Cleaner
1 Part Olive Oil
2 Parts Baking Soda

Make a paste. Let sit on the range for as much as 24 hrs.

Oven Cleaner
Equal Parts Baking Soda + Water. Create a paste. Apply to are and scrub until clear.

Bath Tub Scrub
Equal Parts Baking Soda, Salt, Dish Soap.

Tips for rising wheatgrass

Aloe Vera










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  1. Bailey Pagliano says

    I am definitely doing the oven one because I have baking soda and water….I am only 11 and want to surprise​ my mom with this. I WILL do it….eventually

  2. Tracy Waring says

    if you put a drinking straw up your tulip stem it stops them from druping and they still get all the water they need x

  3. latolove25 says

    for the oven, I recommend to try to make that paste a with less water scrub it a bit around the area needed, wait a while, and then spray some Vinegar on top to make the baking soda and vinegar react! it works even better!

  4. Tori Scherle says

    Put a clean penny in the bottom of the case with tulips to keep them up straight

  5. Naomi Way says

    careful of using Clorox on mold; it can actually spread it. Vinegar is a great natural alternative! 🙂

  6. avac04 says

    I can't wait for all the spring videos!

  7. Allison Sea says

    Totally used the tub scrub! Worked amazingly well!

  8. Latika Sharma says

    great ideas. if you have time, do a video for balcony planting and gardening tips. especially Roses, if possible. thanks.

  9. Rachel Ray says

    Hey girl, you have a wonderful YouTube channel! I really enjoy your style! You may not realize this, but your channel is truly a blessing for me and anyone who watches your channel.. Two thumbs up, I loved this video!Hey, you a beautiful week!!! ❤

  10. 민윤기김태형 says

    Loved this video! I hope you can share more Spring decor ideas, Rachel. This was very helpful! 👏🏻

  11. Laura McGreevy says

    Your videos are the most relaxing things ever! Love watching them😍

  12. Kerli Kaarna says

    Could you please make a video of cleaning products for getting rid of bugs( fruit flies, moths etc)

  13. JahzeelM says

    Rachel how do you never run out of ideas for videos? You're awesome. Nothing is ever repetitive. They're all so helpful. I love your videos!

  14. Ingy Hafez says

    Cleaning and organizing videos are my favorite. I have a son a little bit younger than yours and your videos are very useful to me. I just want to ask you about tips to get crayon off plastic table (ikea tables). Thank you.

  15. Margarita Valdez says

    I definitely see myself doing everything about this video! I love your videos they are definitely helpful! As an aspiring Interior Designer I love love your channel tips !

  16. Jemelle Franco says

    i love your videos,its awesome,so many things to learn from your videos,
    your so talented

  17. Nancy Orozco Stoll says

    Peroxide works really good for getting mildew out of tile. Spray let is sit for 15-20 min and scrub/rinse off. Baking soda works well for many things. 🙂
    Love succulents! Yay Spring decor <3 Spring is my favorite season.

  18. Lily201186 says

    Yay! Show me what I can do with the aloe vera I have in the backyard! This video is very useful 🙂

  19. joyjoy says

    I always steal your hacks =] thanks!

  20. Monica R says

    I just did the oven door cleaning and it worked like a charm!!!! I can now see through my door again!!

  21. StarBelle23 says

    That baking soda/water paste is also great for scrubbing burnt-on gunk from the bottoms of pots & pans! I'm the type of cook who can burn mac n cheese onto a pot when I get distracted for 5 seconds, so it definitely comes in handy 🙂

  22. M Smith says

    -Love the video. Kind of off-putting how you say "definitely kinda" a lot lol But I get your point

  23. Erica says

    Would love to see a portion on tough stains. I bought beautiful white bedding with red flowers all over it and my toddler decided to paint it with wash off paint. Well it certainly didn't wash off good thing it matches with the paint she put on the carpet.😂

  24. Laila Cox says

    I am a huge aloe Vera fan! I love making aloe face masks. I also find aloe great for getting angry pimples under control ☺️

  25. Katie Bookser says

    The oven cleaner looks magical!! The oven is the one thing that I don't give enough cleaning attention to. Now I have an excuse to get to cleaning it!

  26. Dea S. says

    It's so funny that you have a dirty oven like mine has been many, many times, because youre someone who I imagined to have an impeccably clean oven haha. I guess you are human after all 😄

  27. Darcie Perry says

    I use the baking soda/water paste on my flat stovetop as well!

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