Dig deep: Canadians helping Rohingya access clean water

Daniele Hamamdjian is in Bangladesh the place a gaggle of Canadian geophysicists are helping Rohingya refugees access clean ingesting water.

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  1. Solder Joe says

    All this effort for a group of murderous psychopaths. Maybe if they stopped their other Islamic cult members to not burn out all the other nonmuslims there wouldn't be a problem. islam always causes the problem and cries victim when they are losing the fight.

  2. jeannine Poulin says

    This is wonderful.. helping those in need of clean water. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for sending out kind hearted, caring Canadians who can make a huge difference in other people's lives.

  3. JogBird says

    wouldnt it make more sense for ppl in the region to help?

  4. rayzer says

    Where are the ethnic minorities Canadians helping? The people we are sending are problematic. There's just not enough representation. The whities are literally Hitler. Don't the organizers know diversity is OUR STRENGTH!?

    We might as well send a nuke and blow the people there up out of mercy.

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