Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid lair: how to beat the new raid challenge

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Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC has added the sport’s first raid lair – an annex for Emperor Calus’s opulent ship, the Leviathan. It is offered now, and we’re engaged on a full information.  For now, this is the lowdown on what you possibly can count on, and some ideas.

Fight your means via the relaxation of the Leviathan with our Destiny 2 raid information.

Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid lair information

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As beforehand talked about, we’re nonetheless engaged on a full information for the Eater of Worlds Leviathan raid lair. However, to make sure you don’t go in fully blind, listed below are a number of pointers to the encounters you’ll be going through.

To begin, you may want to be 300 energy degree or above. Then choose the Eater of Worlds raid lair from the Leviathan node of the map to transport your raid crew to the entrance gate. 

Destiny 2 raid lair: escape the reactor 

Raid%20lair%20reactor - Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid lair: how to beat the new raid challenge

After coming into the raid lair and progressing via the tunnel community, you’ll finally attain a big reactor room with a seemingly impassable purple reservoir. Platforms will come up from the water if you attain the edge of protected land, and hopping on these will trigger additional platforms to emerge. Only one particular person may be on a platform at anybody time, so get your raid crew to kind a sequence and work your means throughout the reactor room. On the different facet of the room you’ll battle in a wave-defence fight encounter, which upon completion will drop a chest and open a gate in the ground. 

Destiny 2 raid lair: engine room

destiny%202%20raid%20lair%20pipes - Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid lair: how to beat the new raid challenge

The subsequent encounter is ready in the Leviathan’s engine room, and entails a sequence of pistons transferring backwards and forwards throughout the room. When they return to their beginning place on the left they trigger an enormous shockwave that may knock anybody off the pipework that makes up the route to security, plunging them to their doom. The answer is fairly simple; alongside the community of pipes are right-angle sq. sections that act as a protected area. Simply conceal in these earlier than the pistons emit the shockwave and also you’ll be high-quality. Get to the different facet of the engine room and also you’ll be sucked via an asteroid field-like space and into the closing zone. 

Destiny 2 raid lair: break the barrier

In the final phase of the raid lair you’ll be combating the Vex. The large shell-like assemble floating in the center of the room comprises the closing boss, however he should be free of this jail first. To accomplish that, you want to detonate crystal-like constructions which spawn on the sides of the shell. They glow purple, orange, or blue, and sign what form of ingredient to use towards them. However, utilizing elemental weapons isn’t how to do that; you want to use particular weapons referred to as Vex Craniums, which may be discovered round the room. 

The Vex Craniums should be charged in the flaming altars which might be positioned round the room (the color of flame in every altar will decide what ingredient they’re). The crystals will spawn if you choose up your first Vex Cranium, and can detonate after a interval. You want to destroy all the mines earlier than they explode. Split your crew up to cowl all three altars so you’ve gotten entry to all the parts, cost your Vex Craniums, and work on one facet of the shell at a time. 

Destiny 2 raid lair: Argos boss battle

After breaking all three sides of the shell you’ll reveal Argos, the closing boss. He is protected by a protect, however this may be destroyed similarly to the shell that beforehand imprisoned him. Three orbs will spawn close to his protect. These may be all one ingredient, or a mix of the three. Charge three Vex Craniums for the right parts, after which use the laser to drag the orbs into the round steel part of his protect. This should be finished concurrently, so all orbs hit the steel circle at the similar time. This will decrease his protect and start the injury section. 

During the injury section you will have to throw a load of ache at Argos’s face; rocket launchers – particularly the Leviathan raid launcher – is helpful for this. Be conscious of the boss’s assaults on this section; his triangular internet will choose gamers up and require them to be saved by allies. It is well dodged, although, so shouldn’t pose an issue. After damaging him sufficient, weak spots will open up on his arms, again, and head, and a sequence of platforms will materialise. Hop on these to attain a vantage level and shoot the weak factors. These are in pairs – two on the head, arms, and again – and when damaged will trigger Argos to flinch and forestall him from inflicting a crew wipe. They break primarily based on heavy sustained injury quite than total injury, so fast-firing weapons like auto rifles and particularly Coldheart are very helpful. After breaking a pair of weak spots, the injury section will finish and Argos will replenish his protect. Ideally you’ll have precipitated sufficient injury to scale back his well being by round a 3rd. 

Because Argos solely has three weak level zones that forestall him from wiping the crew, this boss battle should be finished in a most of 4 injury phases. Any extra, and also you gained’t find a way to forestall him from killing everybody. Beat him, and also you’ll be rewarded with loot, and have completed the raid lair. 

Destiny 2 raid lairs 

Destiny%202%20raid%20lairs - Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid lair: how to beat the new raid challenge

Rather than add an entirely new raid – as has each different Destiny DLC apart from House of Wolves – Curse of Osiris as a substitute provides a separate encounter referred to as a ‘raid lair’ to the current Leviathan raid. It is named Eater of Worlds. 

Bungie mentioned the thought on one of the Curse of Osiris hype streams. Essentially, raid lairs are miniature raids – Eater of Worlds is be simply as difficult as the full-fat Leviathan raid, however will take much less time to full. Senior designer Brendan Thorne says we’ll sort out “an entirely new set of encounters, new puzzles, new loot, completely new places to explore […] and then we have a brand new final boss for you to fight.”

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A second lair shall be added to Leviathan in the second DLC – you possibly can see the greyed-out node it can clearly occupy in the menu display above. This in all probability means no solely new raids all through Destiny 2’s first yr, however ought to add up to extra raid content material in complete than we have seen in Destiny for fairly a while, relying on how massive raid lairs end up to be. There is purpose to be optimistic right here: Thorne mentioned the essential purpose raid lairs exist is as a result of Bungie “wanted to make more raids,” so maybe we’ll be pleasantly shocked by their measurement.

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