Dennis Smith Jr.’s Full Las Vegas Summer League Highlights

Dennis Smith Jr. averaged 17.three ppg for the Dallas Mavericks within the 2017 Las Vegas Summer League.

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  1. YOUSEF says

    He reminds me of John Wall !

  2. Nash says

    dennis smith jr ROY.

  3. Charlie Chase says

    Impressive overall skills. Still loosing by 15 points most of the 2nd half. I still prefer Lonzo

  4. DatMyMan says

    Don't believe the hype …this video was made to showcase his strong points. I saw him play and he has many weaknesses like; 1) Lacks point gaurd polish 2) Overall consistency not good. 3) Very streaky shooter 4) PNR Game & Decision making need work. Not vocal. 5)Doesn't have a great report w/teammates. Can anyone say JR Smith 2.0?

  5. Scott M says

    He's like Rose but has Russell's hops.

  6. Lit Bros says

    This man rey be nasty this year fr ?

  7. Brooks Orlando says

    Were gonna look back in bewilderment how Smith lasted to the 9th pick. He's such a clear cut future star. Good job Magic and Knicks!

  8. Dessy _ says

    Damn that block tho, underrated defensive player and a game changer. Welcome to d town!

  9. Des iolle says

    Knicks recruiters should be taken out and publicly flogged for passing on this brother….gonna be a megastar

  10. Angel B Cruz Perez says

    good passes reminds me of marbury,billups and even nash..Really intelligent plus explosive…Mavs fan for life and this kid is a must asset to revive the franchise..

  11. 55 ovr Fridge protector says

    From what I have seen DSJ and Taytum are the best players from this draft class I have a feeling fultz and ball will be fairly average

  12. Holloway says

    How did he get drafted number 9, he's better than Lonzo and Fox imo, that's how you know today is all about the hype.

  13. Nick Jim says

    good god Lonzo Ball is a revolving door on D

  14. Eric N says

    He reminds me of Kyrie for some reason. More athleticism though

  15. Vincent Wright says

    Was Don Nelson in on this draft pick? Cuban and Donnie are bad at drafting

  16. cruz_ says

    This young man was a sleeper on draft night.
    He will be the main key player to the Mavericks.

  17. ExtremeCloseUp241 says

    Can't believe the Knicks passed on this kid to take Frank Ntilikina. Frenchie better be the next Tony Parker or the Garden will throw snails at him.

  18. Mert Alper says

    What. a. steal. He shouldve been top3 . They really gonna regret it. He is better than fultz

  19. Jason A says

    Kyrie and shump for Barnes and smith jr….let's get it done

  20. Damien Slade says

    I see Marbury, Robert pack, ray allen, john wall, all combined into one…watch out league…damn

  21. Skinny Nix says

    The Carolinas birth the best players in basketball…hands down…our air must be different

  22. Music Man says

    The best picks from this draft will be Tatum, Ball, Smith, Fultz in that order.

  23. Rex Niu says

    This man the next Steve Francis

  24. Ammon Moshe says

    He controls the ball like Chris Paul, drives like Steve Francis, fades like D Wade, shoots like Joe Johnson, looks like Kyle Lowery, focused and determined like Michael Jordan and shits Apple Pie.

  25. Enxis says

    damn this draft class is gonna be sick

  26. Rene Perez says

    Wow didn't include the missed dunk? That would have made this video better than dawkins n gd highlights smh ?‍♂️

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