CUTE Kids Who Went To Jail!

Top CUTE Kids and Children Who Went To Jail and Prison!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest CUTE Kids and Children Who Went To Jail and Prison! Forget all of these jail documentaries or past scared straight. These scary youngsters went to jail and jail for loopy causes regardless of the youngsters being so harmless!

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  1. SimsFanatic 32 says

    5:08 That poor kid was sexually abused, and by his own father! So that should have been ruled as self defense in my opinion. Nasty dad!!

  2. turner pike says

    Why make Mary Bell seem scary? Just because she's out. She is a grandmother now and she hasn't committed a crime since.

  3. Maya Isepic says

    it was Alex's fault, even if he was told to do it, he still did it.

  4. Sanne m says

    Why das Amerika have so mutch crazy people. Killing killing killing. Crazy people

  5. Elizabeth Whiteoak says

    19 years old IS NOT A KID!! At 19 I'd been out of home and working 3 jobs for 4 years – I was fully responsible for myself, and I WAS RESPONSIBLE!!! (Finally at 25 I was able to go to university as a mature-age student where I spent the next 8 years – and I made my own dreams come true !!!) How can they call a 19yp wonan WITH A BABY a child??


    There's a kid that went to one of the schools in my county and he was 15, and his dad was very abusive. His dad was a drunk and used drugs and he would always beat this poor kid. Well one night after the dad beat the kid, the kid shot his dad with a shot gun after he passed out. The kids been in prison for about 3-ish years now. I just don't see how it's fair, like he's beat his whole life and when he finally finds a way to end it, he's the one who goes to jail. The worst part is that cps knew about this kids home life and they never stopped it or removed him from the home. I hate it.

  7. Martin Baxton says

    Top 10 Trends said that she had killed 2 kids by strangling them

  8. Claudia Playz says

    One time my friend and I were playing truth or dare at lunch time in 2nd Grade, and my friend dared me to slap my friend, and I’m like “No” laughing and poked her cheek lightly and I’m like, “There” and the girl screamed and a teacher went over to see what happened and she said, “She slapped me” Her mom called my dad and said there was a bruise and was thinking on suing our family, and I poked her fucking cheek😂

  9. Knight Army says

    The kid that killed his dad should be in jail For 50 years that what i would do

  10. Tianna Springer says

    The title he said doesn't match the title on the top of the vid 😕😐😱

  11. Dustin Ammerman says

    The Jessica carline case happened in my town. I have no sympathy towards her. When she was in jdc soon after it happened my friend was in their with her and said she had absolutely no remorse for what she did. Those people lost their lives for no reason. She's a piece of shit. She was on all kinds of drugs and when the accident happened she was on air duster. YES AIR DUSTER!

  12. Shaun Clarmont says

    The kid with that said she was hit with a baseball because I’ve seen accidents like this happen. No one died but it happens

  13. Lourdes Yungaisaca says

    Spot the difference 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☺🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  14. D Smith says

    Fulfills lifes destiny

    This is the new grading system for the quality content on YouTube. Does this guy do anything for views.

  15. Jaefar SABNW says

    Kids are innocent before God, but unwrinkled adults are not. Islam puts ages of fifteen on males and 13 on females additional to that.

  16. Eleni Pap says

    Omg Marry Bell looks like Jake Paul with hair in the first picture😂😂

  17. Caleb Kamberger says


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