Cristiano Ronaldo interview – The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2017 (PORTUGUESE)

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  1. Edmilson zorima says


  2. bruno alves says

    Ronaldo: I'm very happy for winning for the second consecutive year, a beatiful award, a new award. Obviously thank my teammates, my teammates in Real Madrid, in the National team, the fans. An historic moment, a beautiful moment in my career and theres moments that you should live with intensity because you dont know tomorrow and, I'm very happy.Interviewer: 5th time best in the world, you have all the awards, what does that mean to your career, where do you place yourself among the best in football.Ronaldo: As I said, my goal was to create a beautiful story in the world of football and I've done that, I have my story. Obviously, being one of the players with most trophies for me is, I'm very proud. Me alongside Messi too. And is a spectacular moment in my life and it gives me motivation to keep plying football at the highest level.Interviewer: When you stop and think about last season what moment comes to your head?Ronaldo: The victory in the Champions.Interviewer: Both you and Real Madrid are still going to be motivated right? As one.Ronaldo: Of course, it's the best club in the world. Now we have the Club World Cup, and obviously is a trophie we want to win too. We won the supercup against Manchester, Barcelona too. Is a club that gives oportunity to win trophies every year and obviously I'm happy.

  3. firexd12 says

    RONALDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jo Sé says

    Cristiano King of the World??

  5. Paulo Ferreira says

    Muitos Parabéns Cristiano Ronaldo, pela 5ª vez coloca-te o melhor de todos os tempos! Orgulho!

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    No entendi un choto peroBien ahi C.Ronaldo!! :v

  7. G T says

    Messi is the GOAT…!!!!

  8. Elliejojo says

    What part did he announce he is having a baby everyone is telling me he did but I can’t understand

  9. SaGo TV says

    Cristiano Ronaldo…………….

  10. Jo Sé says

    Cristiano Ronaldo 43,16 Prozent Messi 19,25 Prozent Neymar 6,97 Prozent Questions????

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